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  13. AU 11 A 11434 BB COCK  

AU 11 A 11434 Blue Bar Cock.  Line-bred Jozef Boeman. "MAX" is his name and that he is.  A very strong cock, with excellent muscles and a very strong bone structure.  Mr. Boeman had two foundation pairs, "Stampairs" as he called them. The hens of the two pairs were full sisters.  I noticed early in the game that birds that had both Stampairs in their pedigrees were breeding at a very high level for me, so I began doing that with the family.  Max's parents are a son from "Stampair I" paired to a daughter of "Stampair II."  Both parents have bred prize winners in Europe before I took over the family.  A full brother and sister to "Max" are in my breeding program.  Both have bred top birds for me. When I blend the Boeman blood onto my Schellens Van Riels/Musketiers, I seem to get "hot nick" pigeons.  I have full confidence that "Max" will breed the goods, just give him a chance and breed him to speed.  




AU 11 A 11434 Pedigree