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  23. AU 12 A 12272 DC COCK  

AU 12 A 12272 Dark Checker Cock. "RAMBO."  An awesome pigeon!  This guy flew for me in Mike Cortes' loft competing in the GHC of Florida.  He was a brilliant racer as a YB and in his first 4 races had a coefficient of 1.559% versus an average of over 1100 birds up to 252 miles. Then he got attacked by a hawk and everything changed. He was never the same again, so we retired him.  He is a blend of my Schellens Van Riels and Musketier blood.  This combo makes very fast pigeons, but there is a hidden tidbit that I've found out about them.  When this combo is blended on the Jozef Boeman pigeons, many of them make AWESOME futurity birds.  I had 5 birds in the money in the Midwest Convention race in '13 & 4 of them were bred that way.  My money winner in the Minnesota Flying Aces OLR was bred that way and there are many others that space will not allow, but hopefully you get the picture.  He is a very strong bird, and very fast.  He is the nest-mate brother to the #6 bird in this auction.  Both were excellent racers.


AU 12 A 12272 Pedigree