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  8. AU 12 A 12390 B COCK  

AU 12 A 12390 Blue Cock.  "FRANK LINK JR."  100% Devriendt.  He was a late hatch in 2012. Just now matured into a magnificent pigeon.  His sire is a bird I bought from my good friend Jeff Smith in Arizona.  His name is "Frank" and he is a direct son of the "Link Pair."  Frank is sire, grandsire and great grandsire to many top winners at all distances but better at 300 and up, especially good at 500 and 600 miles.  Dam of "JR" is a hen I call "Charlize B Good" as she is that beautiful.  She is a grand daughter of another son of the "Link Pair" that Jeff named "The Bank" because of the number of money winners he has bred.  This bird is as nice in the hand as any Devriendt you will ever handle.  He has a rich pedigree full of long distance winners line-bred "Link Pair."  Could be a steal.  

AU 12 A 12390 Pedigree