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  17. AU 12 A 12391 BB COCK  

AU 12 A 12391 Blue Bar Cock. 100% Devriendt. This cock is the nestmate brother to the #8 bird in this auction. They are peas in a pod. Can't separate them physically, as they are nearly identical. Here again, top long distance proven Devriendt blood. Every pigeon in the pedigree has proven itself to be a top bird, most of them both as racers or breeders. There are no unproven birds in this pedigree. Since these birds are so inbred to "Striker" and "Magoo" and they are showing no signs of inbreeding pressure, they should make outstanding breeders. If you need proven long distance blood that handles a tough mountainous course, you should look this one over.


AU 12 A 12391 Pedigree