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  7. AU 13 A 13179 BC HEN  

AU 13 A 13179 Blue Check hen.  This is a direct daughter of my famous "Chocolate Bar Pair."  I set this hen aside many months ago, saving her for this auction.  I could have sold her a dozen times, but I wanted to have at least one from "the pair" in this auction.  I don't think the Chocolate Bar Pair needs much introduction.  They are the parents to "Classic Boy" winner of 1st GHC Classic and then "Boy" became a foundation breeder for Gallo Loft in Florida.  There are a lot of good birds coming out of the Chocolate Bar Pair.  I have a son I call "White Eyes" and he is already sire to an AU Hall of Fame winner and several other good birds.  This hen is beautiful, fine type, and not big, just right in the hand.  She has "rich white" eyes as I call them, with lots of gravel and lines.  She is very smart and a full sister to a number of very successful breeders.  "Andromeda," her mother is getting up in age and I don't know how many more I will make available from this pair.  Here's your chance.  

AU 13 A 13179 Pedigree