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  14. AU 13 A 13515 BB COCK  

AU 13 A 13515 Blue Bar Cock. 100% Janssen. Here I blend the two great Janssen lines, Colin Walkers with the famous Simons Family Janssens. A couple of seasons ago I purchased the remaining Janssen pigeons that Jeff Smith had obtained from CBS right after he won the South Africa race. In that group were the original birds plus children of them that Jeff had flown and started breeding from. One hen in particular I like and she is banded 11 AA 8502 and is a grand-daughter to Simons Family's "Jonge Merckz." I paired "8502" to my "863" Colin Walker cock, grandson of "Braveheart." "863" is the maternal grandsire of "Just Call Me Ed." 515 is a very fine physical specimen and a product of blending two awesome Janssen families. Lots of proven blood here.




AU 13 A 13515 Pedigree