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  22. AU 13 A 13524 DCSP COCK  

AU 13 A 13524 Dark Checker Splash Cock. Debieve. His sire is a cock I call "Kilaminjaro" son of "Snowqueen 77" who won $8798.00 in the 2005 Snow Bird Classic for me. "Kilaminjaro's" sire is "Batalar" one of my top Debieve breeders and son of the foundation pair "Cote D'Arm" and "Petite Batailleuse." "Cote D'Arm's" brother is "Mr. South Africa" sire of 1st Sun City South Africa for Jeff Smith's Desert View Lofts. Dam of 524 is a hen I call "Driebander Hope." She flew well for me in New Jersey in Joe Zack's loft and she has become a good breeder here. "524" has the complete blend of lines that Jean Claude Debieve had in his loft when he retired.



AU 13 A 13524 Pedigree