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  26. AU 13 A 13548 BP HEN  

AU 13 A 13548 Blue pied hen. This is the second full sister to "Just Call Me Ed" in this auction. I bred and selected her especially for this event. This bird brings together the best of the "Andromeda" family of Vernazza Van Loons with the fantastic Colin Walker Janssens. Her sire is a bird I call "Super 1238."  He is a son of the fantastic hen "EC 55" full sister to "Andromeda." His sire is "Super 210" one of the best Van Loon breeding cocks I've had over the years. The mother of "548" is a hen I call "Joelynn" after Joe Zack who flew her for me in New Jersey. She was a very good racer. "Joelynn's mother is a full sister to "Stamvadesse" the Colin Walker hen that bred my 2nd place winner in the World Ace Challenge "A" series a few years ago. This is top Janssen Van Loon blood that is winning across the board in North America right now.


AU 13 A 13548 Pedigree