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  32. AU 13 A 13708 BB  

AU 13 A 13708 Blue Bar. I'm not 100% certain of the sex of this bird. It looks like a hen right now, but some of the Vernazza birds will fool you at times. It is an awfully nice bird, and it is 100% Zazueta Vernazza. My friend Bobby Devorsky in Waco, Texas helps me test my Vernazza birds, and he flew the father to this pigeon, a bird I now call "Z-507" to the position of #2 All Distance OB in the State of Texas with a coefficient of 1.442% from 249 to 491 miles on a "not so easy" course. "507" also qualified 28th nationally in the AU Hall of Fame Yearling category. The dam to "708" is a line-bred "Super-Z" hen. "Super-Z" was one of  Zazueta's all time best cocks. She is dam to date of: 2x1st, 1x2nd, 1x3rd, 8th,9th,&11th to 435 miles and she's only been in breeding 2 seasons. Whatever this bird is, cock or hen, I am very confident that it will be a good breeder. Too much proven blood flowing through its veins, and line-bred "Super-Z" to top it off.



AU 13 A 13708 Pedigree