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  20. AU 13 AA 41708 BC HEN  

AU 13 AA 41708 Blue Check hen. I asked my friends Dean Ledet and Roland Gutierrez to put a few of their newly acquired Camphius Janssens in this auction because I knew that I was going to be short on my Colin Walker birds, as they just are not ready. They helped me out with some really nice birds. This hen is a real gem. She is 100% Bertie Camphuis blood, line-bred "Wonder Boy 05" and her full sister flew in Dean's race team this past YB season and was 19th Champion bird of the Greater New Orleans Combine. Dean is 70 miles longer than any other loft in the Greater New Orleans area, so his birds have to really huff it to be in the standings. This one is a keeper!



AU 13 AA 41708 Pedigree