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  11. AU 13 AA 41773 BS HEN  

AU 13 AA 41773 Blue slate hen. 100% Bertie Camphuis Janssen. This beautiful little hen was bred by my good friends Dean Ledet and Roland Gutierrez specifically for me to put into this auction. I am aware that the Camphuis Janssens are one foundation side of the Colin Walker Janssens, so this was a logical step for anyone wanting a Janssen to blend with the Colin Walker blood. She is direct from imports that Dean and Roland purchased from Bertie Camphuis last year. Since Camphuis sold out completely shortly after filling Dean and Roland's order, there are no more direct Camphuis birds available. This hen is from a brother/sister pairing, out of some of Mr. Camphuis' best lines. Dean flew a hen on his race team that was 5x on 1st drop to 390 miles, so the quality is definitely there. I love this hen, and think she will make a wonderful breeder.

AU 13 AA 41773 Pedigree