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  30. AU 13 BAYOU 3081 BC HEN  

AU 13 BAYOU 3081 BC hen. 100% Camphuis Janssen, put in this auction at my request by Dean Ledet and Roland Gutierrez. Dean travels with me to conventions and many of you have seen him in my booth working his tail off. To help pay him back for his efforts I asked that he put a few of his newly acquried Camphuis Janssens in this auction as they have similar background to the Colin Walker Janssens. To show his sincerity in supplying top shelf birds, Dean put up this hen. She flew on his race team and was on 1st drop 5 weeks in succession. She ended up 19th Champion YB in the Greater New Orleans Combine and Dean had to give up the final three weeks of the season to travel with me! This old Camphuis blood is no longer available as Bertie Camphuis sold out last year. Here's your chance. Very nice in the hand, race proven, and from one of the source lofts for top Janssens the world over.


AU 13 BAYOU 3081 Pedigree