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  25. AU 13 RENEGADES 1 CC HEN  

AU 13 RENEGADES 1 Chocolate Check hen. This beautiful little hen is a late hatch from my friends Mike Cortes and Cesar Zayas. This is the partnership that bred "Classic Boy" to win 1st in the GHC Classic. The "chocolate" coloring comes from a Van Boxtel Janssen cock that Mike and Cesar still have. They call him the "Old Mosaic." He is on his last legs now, but they have a good number of sons and daughters in their breeding program. This "1" hen is from a son of "Old Mosaic" called "Atlas" half brother to "Perseus." "Atlas" was paired to a daughter of "Princess" from Gallo Loft. "Princess" is the super daughter of "Classic Boy" that bred 1st in the 300 mile race of the Canadian International OLR and is full sister to 8th in the 2010 Sun City South Africa race. Want the "Chocolate" blood close to its origins and line-bred to the performance birds? Here's your girl.


AU 13 RENEGADES 1 Pedigree