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Bands and Bandettes


A.U. Plastic bands

A.U. BandsNow available for 2018. Letter "A" designated. These are A.U. certified bands. Using them will allow you to compete in any A.U. certified race. Siegel’s keeps records of the bands so that if a stray bird is found with the letter designation "A" it is a Siegel’s issued band for which we can trace the owner. Available in plastic only.

All bands ordered will be 2018 bands unless otherwise requested to be 2017!

These bands will not be shipped until the begginning of January 2018!

10 Plastic bands
Item #1259
SW 1.20 lbs

100 Plastic bands
Item #1258A
SW 1.40 lbs


Personalized European Address Plastic Bands -- For racing homers, these are the finest quality address bands available, and the only address bands in the world printed by laser. Plastic European bands, so that the black lettering is very easy to read. Background colors available are white, lime green, forest green, and yellow. You will be prompted for a color choice at checkout; if you need more than one color, make a separate entry for each color needed.

Note: that we will contact you by e-mail or you can email us at to get the exact wording for your personalization; you will have up to three lines of up to 17 characters each.

Allow six to eight weeks for delivery.

Please note that these bands cannot be ordered with consecutive numbers.

These bands are sized for racing homers.

100 bands
Item #0259
SW 1.45 lbs

Belgian Snap Bandettes – Snaps together and pulls apart, so that is easy to mark a team of birds. Available for homers only, in these colors: black, red, white, dark blue, sky blue, purple, dark green, yellow, orange, hot pink, and fluorescent yellow or fluorescent green. You will prompted for color choice at checkout; if you need more than one color, make a separate entry for each color needed.

50 bandettes
Item #1261
SW 1.20 lbs

Numbered Snap Bandettes – The same Belgian snap bandette, but numbered in sequence up to 100. Packs come in lots of 25 (i.e., 1-25, 26-50, 51-75, and 76-100). For homers only. Available colors are black, red, white, dark blue, sky blue, purple, lime green, dark green, yellow, orange, and fluorescent yellow or green. Black numbers on light-colored bands. White numbers on dark-colored bands. Specify colors at checkout.

25 bandettes
Numbered 1-25
Item #1265
SW 1.20 lbs

25 bandettes
Numbered 26-50
Item #1266
SW 1.20 lbs

25 bandettes
Numbered 51-75
Item #1267
SW 1.20 lbs

25 bandettes
Numbered 76-100
Item #1268
SW 1.20 lbs

Personalized Snap Bandettes – Select your imprint with a maximum of two lines and 10 characters per line. Note that we will contact you by e-mail to get the exact wording for your personalization; you will have up to two lines of up to 10 characters each. Available in red, white, light blue, medium blue, green, yellow, and orange, all in one color. 100 minimum, in lots of 100. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

100 bandettes
Item #5571
SW 1.20 lbs

Spiral Leg Bands – An old favorite marking band, these colorful markers are made of coiled plastic which can be opened and placed around the bird’s leg. It will then recoil to its original size. Spirals come in 10 different colors and three sizes. Available one color to a pack. Specify color at checkout.

Order Size 95 - Small for small homers, small pigeons, and some doves.

50 leg bands
Size 95 - Small
Item #0271
SW 1.20 lbs

  Order Size 94 - Roller for Rollers, Fantails, Helmets & Tumblers

Order Size 96 - Homer for most homers and medium-size pigeons

50 leg bands
Size 94 - Roller
Item #0269
SW 1.20 lbs

50 leg bands
Size 96 - Homer
Item #0273
SW 1.20 lbs

  NPA Bands are available in nearly all sizes. Call 1-800-437-4436 to order at $.55 each,
in multiples of 10 only.

See the chart below for a list of the band sizes that apply to specific breeds. Please have your size selected when you phone in your order:

  NPA Plastic Seamless Bands
Size - 7 mm: Archangels, Fantails, Helmets, Nuremberg Larks, Short Face Tumblers, German Owls, Brunner Pouters, Starlings, Suabians, Tipplers, Parlor Tumblers, High Fliers, Clean Legged Toys, Laughers, Valencian Figuritas, Zitterhals, Pheasants, Chinese Nasal Tufts
Size - 8 mm: Racing Homers only
Size - 7 mm: Clean Legged Ancients, Cumulets, Flights, Holle Croppers, Hyacinths, Nuns, Magpie, Miniature Crest, Norwich Croppers, Swifts, Bohemian Pouters, Swing Pouters, Clean Legged Firebacks, Clean Leg Swallows, Srebrniaks, Catalonian Tumblers, Domestic Flights, Steller Pouters
Size - 8 mm: Berliner Tumbler, Antwerp Smerles, Damascenes, Turbits, Coburg Larks, English Owls, Pigmy Pouters, Clean Leg Tumblers, Spanish Pouters, Capuchines, Siliesian Pouters, Hessian Pouters, Chez Bagdads, Doneks, Mookies, Chinese Owls, Oriental Rollers, Jacobins, African Owls, Komorner Tumblers

Size - 9 mm: Barbs, Dewlaps, Exhibition Homers, Lebanons, Maltese, Lenardos, Polish Lynx, Show Antwerps, Egyptian Swifts
Size - 10 mm: Oriental Frills, Utility Carneau, Kings, Bagdads, Carriers, Florentines, Genuine Homers, Hungarians, English Pouters, Scandaroons, American Show Racers, Old German Croppers, English Show Homers, Dragoons, German Beauty Homers
Size - 10 mm: Feather Leg Ancients, Frillbacks, Muffed Ice, Monks, Priests, Ptarmigans, Moorhead Tumblers, Feather Leg Rollers, Muffed Tumblers, West of England Tumblers
Size - 11 mm: French Mondains, Indian Mondains, Giant Crest, Swiss Mondains, American Giant Homers, Show Carneau, Lahores, Indian Fantails
Size - 10 mm: Show Kings, Strassers, Texan Pioneers
Size - 9 mm: Modenas only
Size - 7 mm: Rollers only
Size - 11 mm: Duchess, Italian Mondians, Shields, Muffed Swallows, Muffed Firebacks, Saxon Whitetails, Bavarian Pouters, Old Dutch Tumblers



Handy Band Cutters - Specially designed blade on these cutters will slip between the band and the birds leg to allow band to be easily cut off without hurting the bird Very popular! Use when older birds have outgrown their bands or if injured birds need their bands removed. Makes a very clean and easy cut. Can also be used to cut a notch out of the band to relieve the pressure from a seamless band but not remove the band entirely.
1 band cutter
Item #0790
SW 1.00 lb