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Nest Bowls, Pads, Eggs

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Wood Pulp Nest Bowls – These disposable bowls are convenient, economical, labor saving and clean. They are made of recycled wood pulp, 10" in diameter and 2" deep.


Siegel's will temporarily stop selling the American wood pulp nest bowls! Babies have been affected in a few instances when hatching in the bowls without nesting materials. We've interviewed some of our customers using these American wood pulp nest bowls. The results are a very small percentage of these interviewed have not reported a problem. Those that have been using them without any problems are using nesting materials such as straw, pine needles, sand or even newspaper on bottom of bowls. As long as a layer exist between the baby and the bowl there are no problems. Only problems are when the babies hatch directly in the bowl having skin contact with the bowl. Until we can further investigate the issues at hand with these bowls, we will no longer sell them.

We are currently in the process of purchasing European wood pulp nest bowls! We will post a statement as soon as we have those in stock.

Ed Minvielle


1 pack 12 bowls
Item #0739A
SW 2.20 lbs

1 pack 25 bowls
Item #0740-A
SW 3.20 lbs

1 pack 50 bowls
Item #0741-A
SW 5.20 lbs

1 pack 100 bowls
Item #0742-A
SW 10.20 lbs

1 case 250 bowls
Item #0743
SW 35.20 lbs

Belgian Plastic Nest Bowls – Easy to clean, these have a ventilation hole cut in the bottom so that air can circulate and help the nest to "breathe." These bowls work especially well with the new felt nest pads. These bowls are virtually indestructible under normal use, and hold up well to cleaners and bleach.

1 bowl
Item #0744
SW 1.20 lbs

1 dozen bowls
Item #0745A
SW 8.20 lbs

Belgian Plastic Nest Bowls, Mesh Bottom – Easy to clean, with a ½" gauge mesh bottom, allowing the next to "breathe." Felt nest pads fit well. Bowls hold up well to cleaning.

1 bowl
Item #0746
SW 1.20 lbs

1 dozen bowls
Item #0747A
SW 4.00 lbs

Clay Nesting Bowls – Vented to keep nest dry. Ideal size with deep bowl. Easy to clean and won’t tip over. 9 Ό" in diameter and 2 Ό " deep.

1 bowl
Item #0748
SW 3.20 lbs

1 dozen bowls
Item #0749
SW 36.20 lbs

Heavy Duty Belgian Plastic Nest Bowl – So heavy it feels almost like ceramic, but very durable.

1 bowl
Item #5598
SW 2.20 lbs

1 dozen bowls
Item #5599A
SW 14.00 lbs

European felt nest pads – Ideal for Belgian plastic nest bowls or clay nesting bowls, these pads can be washed and re-used several times. Made from natural animal hair, allowing baby pigeons an abosrbent, warm nest for the most susceptible few days of life.

1 box 10 pads
Item #0750
SW 2.20 lbs

Wood Nest Eggs – Solid wood, finished in smooth white enamel. Excellent "birth control" for pigeons, or to keep setting race birds on the nest a day or two longer.

1 dozen eggs
Item #1751
SW 1.20 lbs

Plastic Nest Eggs – White plastic pull-apart eggs. These realistic eggs are hollow, so that marbles or bugs can be put inside to make the setting parent think the eggs are chipping. Every time the parent turns the egg, it clicks like a chipping baby.

1 dozen eggs
Item #1753
SW 1.20 lbs
Colomboclip - Plastic "cast" aids in mending broken legs.

1 clip
Item #0775
SW 1.20 lbs