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  Moulting Supplements

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Biochol – Contains methionine, choline, sorbitol, biotin, and vitamin B-12. Highly recommended as a liver and moult tonic with depurative action. Induces superior plumage. (Oropharma – Belgium)

500 ml.
Item #5006
SW 2.95 lbs
Amoxicillinum 10%

Methio Forte – During the moult, the next racing season is already beginning. Everything begins with a good moult. This product contains DL-Methionine (33%). This amino acid stimulates moulting and the development of new feathers. During the race season, DL-Methionine aids the condition of the liver and the kidneys. Use three times per week during the moult. During race season, use the day after the return from the race, in combination with Optimix and Zell Oxygen. (Herbots – Belgium)

300 grams
Item #0363
SW 2.00 lbs

APC Nutribloom - A mineral and trace element food supplement. Developed by Dr. Colin Walker, the "Flying Vet." Nutribloom added to the grain during breeding, youngbird development, moulting and racing provides balanced nutrition. Regular use during breeding helps stock birds remain healthy and produces robust young. Just-weaned youngsters develop better and are more able to resist disease. Especially helpful during the moult to assist in producing strong, silky feathers. Use on the feed or in the grit pot. Will manage the wet-nest syndrome. Developed by Dr. Colin Walker, the "Flying Vet." (Australian Pigeon Company)

400 grams
Item #3005
SW 2.45 lbs
Natural Naturaline – Concentrated greens and plant extracts. Concocted from fifteen specifically selected varieties of plants and herbs, this extract has been proven effective in aiding the respiratory, digestive and urinary tracts. Pigeons that receive regular doses of Naturaline in their drinking water display a rosier skin, more glossy and luxurious plumage, and the pigmentation and luster in the eye are heightened—all signs of optimum health. (Natural – Belgium)

1000 ml.
Item #0330
SW 3.55 lbs

Murium - Special ingredients provide for a smooth, slick molt and help to eliminate toxins which affect the generation of new plumage. Also acts as an elixir for the liver. A top moulting tonic. (Comed--Belgium)
300 grams
Item #7022
SW 1.90 lbs.

Comed Moulting Oil - An aromatic supplement derived from Fine Oil to fit the specific metabolism of the pigeon during the moult. Use with Murium for best results. (Comed - Belgium)

250 ml.
Item #7045
SW 1.70 lbs

  Preparest -- Use from moulting to breeding to prepare pigeons for the next season. Prevents quick aging due to its beneficial effect on the bones, muscles and ligaments. Preparest is also great to prepare the muscles for super long-distance races. (Comed - Belgium)

250 grams
Item #7058
SW 2.00 lbs