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Natural (Belgium)

Naturavit Plus – Highly concentrated multi-vitamin liquid. The conditions of confinement in a pigeon loft do not always provide for a completely balanced source of vitamins. This product provides all of the essential vitamins including vitamins A, B-1, D, E, & K. Mixes easily with water. (Natural - Belgium)

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250 ml.
Item #0323
SW 1.70 lbs

500 ml.
Item #0323L
SW 2.45 lbs

Natural Garlic Oil Natural Garlic Oil – To enhance the pigeon’s health and condition. Developed by dieticians and veterinary surgeons especially for the Natural Company, this product has proven in laboratory tests to be far more effective than just adding garlic cloves to the drinking water. Very concentrated. Use on feed. (Natural - Belgium)

150 ml.
Item #0324
SW 1.65 lbs

450 ml.
Item #1324
SW 3.0 lbs

Natural Vitamineral – Vitaminized minerals in powder form. Vitamineral is a product that the pigeons need all year long. There is always a marked increase in consumption during breeding, after a race, and during the moult. Use in the grit. (Natural - Belgium)

600 grams
Item #0325
SW 2.45 lbs

2.5 kg.
Item #0326
SW 6.70 lbs


Natural Electrolit – A mixture of glucose and electrolytes. For rapid recovery after a flight or to help growing young in the nest. This product quickly compensates for water and electrolyte depletion, thus helping to prevent dehydration. (Natural - Belgium)

240 grams
Item #0327
SW 1.80 lbs

750 grams
Item #0327L
SW 3.30 lbs

Natural Pik Pot – Picking stone in a pot. Natural picking stones are an inexpensive way to treat your pigeons to something they both need and love. Contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential to top condition. (Natural - Belgium)

400 grams
Item #0328
SW 2.45 lbs

Case of 12
Item #5328A
SW18.00 lbs

Natural Picking Stone – This product is the fruit of extensive research, effectively bringing the field into the loft. It provides essential minerals and trace elements that pigeons so crave, especially during breeding and rearing of young. (Natural - Belgium)

620 grams
Item #0329
SW 2.95 lbs

6 pack
Item #1329
SW 10 lbs

Case of 24
Item #5329A
SW 35.00 lbs

Natural Naturaline – Concentrated greens and plant extracts. Concocted from fifteen specifically selected varieties of plants and herbs, this extract has been proven effective in aiding the respiratory, digestive and urinary tracts. Pigeons that receive regular doses of Naturaline in their drinking water display a rosier skin, more glossy and luxurious plumage, and the pigmentation and luster in the eye are heightened—all signs of optimum health. (Natural - Belgium)

1,000 ml.
Item #0330
SW 3.55 lbs

Natural Vitaminor – Natural brewer’s yeast, amino acids and B-vitamins in powdered form. Since it is prepared without the addition of any chemical agents, the nutritional qualities of each of its natural constituents is preserved. Vitaminor will help racers or show birds come into condition and is especially beneficial to youngsters at weaning. (Natural - Belgium)

350 grams
Item #0331
SW 2.00 lbs

850 grams
Item #1331
SW 2.95 lbs

Natural Bath Salts – Use regularly in the bath to give a soft, smooth plumage and rid the skin of any flakiness. Conditions the plumage. (Natural - Belgium)

650 grams
Item #0332
SW 3.20 lbs

Natural Tea – A form enhancer. Extensive research has led to the conclusion that Natural Tea facilitates the conditioning of pigeons in a totally natural manner. It also helps to hasten recovery after effort. Eleven different herbs. Brew to make a stock solution and add to drinking water once or twice a week. (Natural - Belgium)

300 grams
Item #0335
SW 1.95 lbs

Natural Grit – A mixture of silex, red stone, and oyster shell. This grit is specially prepared by heating to extreme temperatures to eliminate all harmful micro-organisms. It is therefore very safe and provides trace minerals and micro-nutrients. Grit is absolutely necessary for grinding food, and thus to the total well being of pigeons. This product was fomerly known as Corel Grit. (Natural - Belgium)

2.5 kg.
Item #0336
SW 6.70 lbs

25 kg.
Item #1336
SW 57.00 lbs
Natural Floor Dressing – Granulated floor dressing composed of all natural dried lava derived from subsoil. Highly absorbent, thus guaranteeing excellent hygiene in the loft. Slightly acid pH. Safe for both humans and pigeons. (Natural - Belgium)

44 lbs.   
Item #5549
SW 47.00 lbs

Natural Redstone – One of the ingredients of Natural Grit, which consists of oyster shells, silex and redstone. Natural Redstone is rich in minerals and trace elements, and the pigeons love picking at it. Laying hens need it. Made of clay fired at a very high temperature in a special furnace, before being ground. (Natural - Belgium)

2.5 kg.
Item #5563
SW 6.00 lbs

Cap with Natural Logo - This high-quality cap in dark blue has a distinctive Natural logo with pigeons flying that every fancier would enjoy. Adjustable back.



1 cap
Item #5550
SW1.20 lbs

Natural White – This loft dressing has excellent absorption properties and leaves the loft floor slightly acidic, promoting good sanitation. (Natural -- Belgium)


5.5 lbs.  
Item #0090
SW 5.95 lbs

Naturamine -- This tonic of minerals, trace elements and important amino acids will keep birds in top condition for racing, breeding or moulting.

500 ml.
Item #1330
SW 2.45 lbs