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Oropharma Products (Belgium)

Omniform Contains 12 vitamins, 19 essential amino acids, and the muscle reinforcer Inositol. Recommended to improve the condition and to aid speed and stamina.
THE product to use for racing! (Oropharma Belgium)

250 ml.
Item #0349
SW 1.70 lbs

500 ml.
Item #0350
SW 2.45 lbs

Orovital Contains the pure extracts of Echinacea and Ginseng. Recommended to support the natural defense mechanism, especially against viral infections, and to stimulate a higher level of general health. Extremely popular. (Oropharma Belgium)

250 ml.
Item #0351
SW 1.80 lbs

Biochol Contains methionine, choline, sorbitol, biotin, and vitamin B-12. Highly recommended as a liver and moult tonic with depurative action. Promotes excellent plumage. (Oropharma Belgium)

500 ml.
Item #5006
SW 2.95 lbs
Amoxicillinum 10%

Dextrotonic Contains electrolytes, trace minerals, sugar and L-arginine L-aspartate. Highly recommended to increase energy reserves and improve performance. Helps recuperation. (Oropharma Belgium)

500 ml.
Item #0353
SW 2.50 lbs

Amoxicillinum 10%