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Pego Products

Gφpolex Worm Tablets - Effective for worms. Use regularly, particularly before the racing season. One tablet daily per pigeon, 3 to 6 days in a row. Best given before feeding. (Pego - Germany)

50 tablets  
Item #5526
SW 1.20 lbs
Pego Bath Salts – Excellent formulation for bringing silky sheen to the feathers. (Pego - Germany)

750 grams
Item #5505
SW 2.95 lbs.

B-Complex & Liver Extract – Liquid vitamin that is a natural blend of all B-group vitamins, plus liver extract. Helps stimulate appetite, and rejuvenates exhausted birds. (Pego - Germany)

250 ml.
Item #5506
SW 2.20 lbs.

E-Vitamin Concentrate – Liquid vitamin. Essential in the diet, especially in helping both cocks and hens remain fertile. Vitamin E also helps pigeons absorb other vitamins, such as A and D. (Pego - Germany)

100 ml.
Item #5507
SW 1.70 lbs.

Multi-Vitamin Liquid – Supplies all necessary vitamins in liquid form for easy use. Good all-around vitamin for all times of year, young birds and old. Add to water or give directly to the birds as drops. (Pego - Germany)

500 ml.
Item #5509
SW 3.10 lbs.

Multi Form Vitamin Powder – Excellent vitamin powder which supplies all essential vitamins for all times of year, and for both old and young birds. Powder form packaged in sealed packets makes this vitamin stable for long shelf life. (Pego - Germany).

40 gram pack. 
Item #5510
SW 1.20 lbs.


Box of 10
40-gram packs
Item #5511
SW 2.20 lbs


T.V.G. Concentrate – For the advanced racing fancier looking to get that "little extra" out of his race team. T.V.G. has been performance tested in the hotbed of the European racing world. It is a special formulation by Pego veterinary labs and consists of proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, B-vitamins and biotin. It was developed to help attain top racing performance. (Pego - Germany)

250 ml.
Item #5512
SW 2.20 lbs.

Trauben Zucker – This glucose-vitamin powder combination provides 12 vitamins plus glucose. It is primarily used in the drinking water upon return from the race. Helps to restore normal body functions quickly after exhausting flights. Also used during illness or while feeding. (Pego - Germany).

500 grams
Item #5513
SW 2.45 lbs.

Derby Form – A unique combination of electrolytes and oligosaccharids (multiple sugars), designed to give to race birds two days prior to a race and upon their return. Provides energy for the race and speeds recovery afterwards. (Pego - Germany). 500 ml.
Item #5514
SW 3.20 lbs.

Calcamineral – This is the genuine product! Accept no substitutes! All essential minerals plus vitamins with added oyster shell, making this product an excellent source for calcium needed by laying hens and by older cocks feeding young. (Pego - Germany).

1,000 grams
Item #5515
SW 3.70 lbs.

5 kg bucket
Item #5521
SW 14 lbs.


Pego Pickstones – Essential vitamin/mineral blocks, usually crumbled into the grit bowl, or placed whole into a bowl or crock. Packed in boxes of ten. (Pego - Germany)

Box of 12
Item #5516
SW 15.20 lbs.

Pego Tea – Composed of eleven herbs, and has a wonderful smell. Cleanses the blood and calms the nerves. (Pego - Germany).

200 grams
Item #5517
SW 1.80 lbs.

Pego Garlic Oil – Contains a biologically pure extract of garlic cloves, which promotes good health, white wattles, and solid droppings. Many fanciers use garlic oil on the feed as a carrier for brewer’s yeast and other vitamins. Use on the feed. (Pego - Germany)

250 ml.
Item #5518
SW 2.20 lbs.

Pego Pegrin Garlic Juice – Pressed from only the finest selected fresh garlic cloves, with added iron, glucose, and vitamin C. Pegrin has a natural sediment in the bottle, attesting to its potency. (Pego - Germany) 500 ml.
Item #5681
SW 3.20 lbs.

Vitamin AD3 & E – The performance enhancer vitamins in liquid concentrate form. For racers and breeders. Mix on feed or give directly. (Pego - Germany)

100 ml.
Item #5520
SW 1.70 lbs.
Pego Amin - With electrolytes, Vitamin B- Complex, and glucose to supply pigeons with essential amino acids. Reduces stress and helps in regeneration after races. Important for top performance. (Pego - Germany)

500 ml.   
Item #5522
SW 2.60 lbs

Ferro-Prodol - An organic iron and oxygen supplement which supplies iron, calcium, sodium and fructose in an oxygenated form. Aids in maintaining optimum health during times of extreme stress by acting as a catalyst for healthy blood and cell renewal. Use during times of increased performance demands such as racing, breeding, and moulting. (Pego - Germany)

1000 ml.
Item #5676
SW 4.00 lbs

500 ml.
Item #5677
SW 2.00 lbs