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Widowhood books

THE GOLDEN WIDOW by Roy Dyck. Mr. Dyck was a master at the widowhood game, and as a writer he makes us think while he teaches us about the subject. This work is a compilation of articles Mr. Dyck wrote, along with additional thoughts on how to become a thinker in racing the widowhood system. Soft cover, 80 pages.

Item #0313
SW 1.80 lbs

  It's Up To You - A further exploration of Dyck's training and widowhood methods. Soft cover, 68 pp.

Item #5696
SW 1.50 lbs
WINNING WAYS WITH WIDOWERS by J. W. Langstone. Mr. Langstone gives a synopsis on how the system is flown, the types of pigeons that do best on the system, and what the fancier must do to become successful on the system. Pamphlet form, 58 pages.

Item #0318
SW 1.20 lbs