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Many have been calling about the PMV/Salmonella combo vaccine. Checking with Dr. Raf Herbots from Belgium he states that it is not advisable to produce a viral and bacterial vaccine in the same bottle. There are contradictions in the two. There will be more to come on this.

It is far better to use the combo PMV/Herpes vaccine!

Ed Minvielle


Siegel's Online


Siegel's will temporarily stop selling the American wood pulp nest bowls! Babies have been affected in a few instances when hatching in the bowls without nesting materials. We've interviewed some of our customers using these American wood pulp nest bowls. The results are a very small percentage of these interviewed have not reported a problem. Those that have been using them without any problems are using nesting materials such as straw, pine needles, sand or even newspaper on bottom of bowls. As long as a layer exist between the baby and the bowl there are no problems. Only problems are when the babies hatch directly in the bowl having skin contact with the bowl. Until we can further investigate the issues at hand with these bowls, we will no longer sell them.

We are currently in the process of purchasing European wood pulp nest bowls! We will post a statement as soon as we have those in stock.

Ed Minvielle


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