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Casaert Maurice Jr. - Nechin



by Stefan Mertens






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Néchin: There has been written a lot of pigeon history in the Rue Des Saules in Néchin. Everything started with father Maurice. He won together with his son Gregory no less than 6 national victories namely Montauban, Souillac, Brive, Bourges '08, Bourges '12 and Argenton '12 youngsters. Next to Maurice lives Maurice Junior…he started his own colony in 2007 and now he also can write down a national victory on his palmaris…and who knows this is only the start.


Maurice Jr. explains: "I go out working daily and that's why I've kept my colony small. I have 16 breeding couples, 11 widow cocks and 6 racing hens. My youngster's team is about 50 pigeons strong. I perfectly can handle this group…pigeon sport has to stay a hobby and can't become a drag."

My base exists out of 60% pigeons of my father Maurice and brother Grégory. These were strengthened with one hen from Vandemeulebroecke Carlos (St. Leger), 1 hen from Thierri Barbieux (Doornik), 3 pigeons from Yvon Pippers (Doornik) and 3 pigeons from Frederic Beukenne (Bruyelle).

My widow cocks never breed…not before or after the season. They only get to see their hen the first training flights during 5 days. When I release them they will be gone for about 5 minutes, but then they immediately want to come in again to protect their box…and when one gets in, the other follow immediately. I don't oblige them to train but I do – when the weather conditions allow it – release them at 30km every Wednesday morning. They just get home and no partner is being showed.

In a matter of motivation they can see their hen for about 5 to 10 seconds at basketing and at homecoming they can stay with their loved ones for an hour.

The widow cocks are being raced every fortnight. Only during the shorter distances or when it was an easy race they go into the basket two weeks in a row.


My feeding system has been development by my father in consultation with the feeding producer Van Robaeys. In the beginning of the week Purification Casaert and during the last 5 feedings Widowhood Casaert.

During the season I add daily…but then really each day Mumm (Röhnfried) in the drinking pot. Twice a week Mumm is being replaced by Formplus (vitamins from Alexandre Margris) and three times in a month they get Phytopulmo (Margis). End of March we treated 5 days against trichomonas but we didn't give anything yet against ornithosis.


The national winner Bourges against 20,754 year birds and also the fastest of all 43,962 Bourges racers is a cock "Prestige". "Prestige" (B16-1016809) is a typical Casaert pigeon…nice and round…a block of granite by hand and the typical eyes of the Casaert winners. Despite his young age, he already won some nice results with a.o.  1st Toury 369b. – 2nd Toury 286b. – 4th Toury 126b. – 7th Bourges 85b and now the fastest on Bourges National!
Stefan Mertens

































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