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by Stefan Mertens






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Kruishoutem: Chateauroux national had a participation of 20,515 old pigeons…and the fastest of this platoon old Chateauroux racers was top pigeon 'Marcel' from the known champion Dirk Deroose out of Kruishoutem, East-Flanders. Dirk has a very busy job (CEO building group Willy Naessens) and thinks of pigeon sport as the ideal distraction. Pigeon sport – which was given to him by his grandfather – is the ideal outlet after a busy working week. During the weekend it is Dirk that takes care of the pigeons, but during the week he has to appeal for a keeper. This is a job that is being carried out perfectly since a few months by Jeroen Van Wayenberghe.


The 2nd national victory in a matter of 4 years' time… few can say this but it is a fact for Dirk. In 2013 his blue hen "Klarisse" (B11-4234312) won the 1st National Bourges against 9,639 old pigeons and now it is "Marcel" (B15-4073372), a sublime chequered cock that took the 1st National Chateauroux onto his account. Spicy detail…'Marcel' already won the 9th National Chateauroux against 17,250 young pigeons and the 44th National Brive against 5,929 old pigeons! Pure class…no discussion possible!

Dirk has built up his strain onto 3 breeding lines. First of all there's "Piscou" (B06-4378467), a 100% Chris Hebberecht cock and father of 11 x Top 100 national winner with amongst other the 8th National ace bird Long Distance year birds 2016. Second of all, there's the breeding cock 'Andre' a real phenomenon. "Andre" (B07-4145554) bought at Andre Van Herzeele, is father of 1st National Argenton year birds 2010. "Andre" became at Dirk's, father of 9 x Top-100 national  and is also father of "Marcel", the 1st National Chateauroux… so you read it correctly… "Andre" is father of 2 different national winners! And third in the row there is "Klarisse" (B11-4234312), who won herself 1st National Bourges. Also successful are the pigeons of PEC (strain "New Freddy") and recently he invested in pigeons from Joost De Smeijter as Dirk wants to head for the extreme long distance as well.


Dirk explains: "The season headed off with 75 racers. These are 25 old cocks which are being raced on the classic widowhood and next to them 25 hens (22 yearling hens and 3 old) and 25 yearling cocks which are being raced on total widowhood. I prefer the total widowhood for the year birds as it gives me more possibilities to test them better.

The year birds were being coupled in February, could raise one youngster to become more attached to their box and the widowhood was a fact. The old cocks saw their partners appear in their box end of March, could breed for 5 days and were being put on widowhood afterwards as well.

The first training flights and first training races are something we put in a lot of time. I can basket both for the short distance races out the middle- as races out of the Wes-side and I dare to choose the disadvantage of the pigeons. For example, when the wind is in favour for the West-side, I'll put them on the middle race. I'm convinced that they learn this way to leave the pack in time and to be very attentive.

The mixtures of Versele-Laga (Black Label) have my preference and I feed them according the classic way. Light fodder in the beginning of the week and more heavy by the time the day of basketing is approaching.

The 'heads' are being purified at the start of the season and veterinary Pascal Lannoo comes by weekly for a check-up. On his recommendation, we may cure or not. If you would ask me ideal ventilation on the loft can prevent a lot of diseases and I got it by building aviaries in front of my lofts. The principle is a closed loft with only the front side open with aviaries. In the loft itself we don't have any windows anymore and ATX plates take care of an ideal humidity.


And we're back with our national winner, "Marcel" is a dream by hand…not too big…shortly built but one brick of dynamite. On his resume there are top results mentioned as the 9th National Chateauroux 17,250b and 44th National Brive 5,929b... For Chateauroux he went into the basket as 3rd signed as his start of this new season wasn't this great. Vierzon as on Bourges both missed his prize. After Bourges he got a week of rest and this did wonders.

Whether "Marcel" was motivated in a special way for Chateauroux? Well … the last few weeks he was becoming more and more boss on the floor…maybe a battle was going on there…who knows. 

Stefan Mertens

































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