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Roziers - Xiang


by Stefan Mertens






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Itegem: Roziers-Xiang… or the combination Jelle Roziers and Green Xiang (China)…since 2015 they form a combination. Jelle Roziers has been known for years for his 'stunt results' and this didn't get any less the last years. This is how this tandem won last year in Bevel 2nd National Bourges against 27,980 youngsters (lost with 13 seconds) and 2nd and 7th National Ace bird KBDB GMD! In the meantime they moved to Itegem…the loft moved along and look…Jelle and Green can shine with a national victory…and what kind of victory…1st National Bourges against 38,445 youngsters and also fastest of 59,243 Bourges racers.
The victory was won by 'Gust', a marvellous blue cock that is being raced on sliding doors system. He clocked at 13h51min20sec for a distance of 477km, or good for an average speed of 1,359.14 m/m. He beat the young pigeons from Lambrechts Carl (Berlaar – 1,358.73 m/m) and Jozef Van Den Branden (Westerlo – 1,357.10 m/m.)


We asked Jelle whether he was a young pigeon specialist, and Jelle answered in his known style…'I'm not a specialist in anything…I love to race the young pigeons but that is something totally different. The youngster's game brought me loads of pleasure, but I used to have good results with the old and year birds as well.'

As mentioned before this is my first season in Itegem. After the former season my family and pigeon loft moved here. In 2004 I won, with my hen 'Queen L', the 1st National La Souterraine. She wasn't sold, but grew out to be the base hen of my colony. Several generations further her bloodline is still running through many of my top pigeons. The breeding line of 'Queen L' was being strengthened with pigeons from especially Houben, Geerinckx, Jos Vercammen, Jos & Jules Engels, Wim De Troy and so on…Let's say that it worked out the best with pigeons from strong racing fanciers out of my neighbourhood.

On the breeding loft are about 40 breeding couples. These take care of 3 rounds of youngsters. Of only about 4 couples, the eggs will be replaced, so this means that until half of April youngsters are being weened. Every round comes onto a separate loft and once they fly well, they get together with the former round.

Beginning of June the training baskets are ready to use. I drive a lot but not always very far. The youngsters went several times to a distance of 15km/20km before they went to their first Quievrain (106km). They raced their first Quievrain on a Sunday, their second on Wednesday and the Sunday after they already went to Noyon. After 2 Noyon races they went to Gien (408km). After this greater middle distance race they went twice to Chevrainvillers (353km) and then there was Bourges. I started of the first training flight with 138 youngsters, on Bourges I basketed 109. 


In a matter of feeding I have, since 11 years, full confidence in the Matador mixtures. Together with Eddy Noël I discuss how the feeding is being done.

In a medical way, the youngsters got a first tricho cure before the training started. On advice of vet Raf Herbots we cured for 8 days. No cure has been given against head diseases.

Tricho is being kept away the rest of the season trough means of yellow drops over the food. Only after Gien, I gave them ¼ of a pill Flagyl. I didn't treat yet for the heads but there is a lot of confidence in the perfect ventilation of my loft. I had the idea illumines after Gien to drip them with Clinagel…after exactly one day I was already fed up with it. In a matter of side products I give often Probiotica TS, Tolyamin Schröeder, and Olega Oil Backx and so on…
The youngsters are being darkened as from the beginning of February until the end of June and till the last national race from Chateauroux they will be illuminated.



Youngsters have to follow the leader and extra trainings are on the schedule in full season. Mostly Jelly will bring the youngsters for about 20km. Only twice he drove to Ittre (60km) and once for 80km. Let's say that, according the weather allows it, I drive them twice a week. As an extra training they get a Quievrain (106km) the day before basketing…a matter of sharpening their orientation means. And this has worked out perfectly…Jelle and team mate Green…a big congratulations on this marvellous victory…and of for the next one!

Stefan Mertens

































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