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  6. AU 12 A 12271 BC HEN  

AU 12 A 12271 Blue Check hen.  Excellent racer!  Bred by me and flown in the Gulf Coast Club, Florida, by Mike Cortes.  She was 14x in the clock versus an average of 1476 birds, winning a number of top prizes to 252 miles. This is a speed pigeon and when I have blended the successful racers onto some of my other families, especially the DeRauw Sablons, Jozef Boemans, Zazueta Vernazzas and Debieves, I have gotten some spectacular results.  She is half Schellens Van Riel and half Musketier.  That combo has produced two of the last three champion sprint pigeons in the Gulf Coast Club.  Proven birds like this can be used in breeding and, if paired properly, can produce extraordinary results.  I would pair her to a Sablon or Jozef Boeman if she were staying in my loft.  I have many pairs like this.  

AU 12A12271 Pedigree