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  2. AU 12 A 12405 BC HEN  

AU 12 A 12405 Blue Check Hen. Late hatch from 2012. Mostly Debieve from South Africa winning blood. This hen oozes class. She is very muscular with dark, rich almost chestnut eyes. Her sire is "Dark Africa" half brother to Jeff Smith's 1st Sun City South Africa winner. "Dark Africa" sired 2 AU Qualified Aces in 2013 YB for me, paired to a Zazueta Vernazza. There aren't many around, but these Debieves sure do make their mark wherever they seem to go. Dam of 405 was a successful racer that flew in New Jersey for Joe Zack and he sent her back to me. She goes back to Debieve's famous "Driebander" blood. "405" is 3x inbred to the famous pair, "Le 010" and "Girl" grand-parents to 1st South Africa.


AU 12 A 12405 Pedigree