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Phone-In Auction
For the birds of


All American Loft, Presidentís Cup Winner
and consistently rated, year in and year out, as one of the
Top Lofts in all of the Unites States.
Winner of an incredible 155 average speed diplomas
since 1997!

Armandís achievements are legendary. Flying out of the Martinez club and the prestigious Bay Cities Combine, Armand has amassed a record that ranks among the best, if not the best, in North America. Recently, he made the toughest decision of his racing career, that he must give up his birds to spend more quality time with his family. While we can understand his decision, we certainly will miss his presence. He cast an awfully large shadow.

Armandís birds came directly from his dear friend, Hank Vernazza. In fact, when Hank quit racing, the entire stock loft and race team went to Armand. With such noble pigeons Armand was quickly able to become one of the most feared competitors in Northern California. His eight, (with one pending) Walt Disney awards are a record not even approached in the illustrious history of pigeon racing in all of California. No one else has won this award more than three times. It would be folly to think that anyone will immediately take Armandís place in the Sport, but we certainly hope that someone will come along who we can all look up to and call CHAMPION.

In December of 2000 my wife Shereen and I purchased the entire loft: breeders, racers, young birds and late hatches from Armand. It was his and Hank Vernazzaís dream to see the family remain intact. It is our intention to do so, and with Armand and Hankís help, we will continue breeding and racing this most famous of American pigeon families. To do so, though, we absolutely MUST sell a few of them. Armand was known far and wide for is severe selection criteria. His basic motto was that the best were just barely good enough, so any bird that made it through his selection criteria is a special pigeon indeed. Not long ago, the world re-known pigeon entrepreneur Phillip Herbots visited Armandís loft. He told some of his Belgian compatriots that this was the single finest family of birds he had ever seen. Coming from Phillip Herbots, that is saying an awful lot. But superlatives are not needed here. The history of this family of birds speaks for itself. It began with Hank Vernazza, with the importation of what was to be the most famous "Vernazza" of them all, the Red Hen, and later her mate, the Poot Cock and others, like the 12345 cock and a handful of super pigeons that formed the nucleus of what today is surely one of the finest families of pigeons anywhere in the world.

In examining Armandís pedigrees, I was astonished to see how line-bred these pigeons are, yet they continue to perform, year in and year out, 100 to 600 miles. Only masterful breeding and handling could create such a superb family of pigeons that can win at all distances, in practically any weather, old birds or young. I know of almost no other family of pigeons, either in Europe or here in the States, that has accomplished such feats. Every pigeon that was in Armandís loft goes back to the legendary "180" hen. Indeed, she died in Armandís loft, but before she did, she left a legacy that is known far and wide. I often speak to fanciers around the country who have not yet heard of Armand Zazueta, but they certainly have heard of the "180" hen. Every pigeon in this auction was selected by Armand. Every bird goes back to "180", some of them 13 and 14 times! The birds that are listed below are a representative grouping of the current family, yet one which we feel will not in any way jeopardize the future of the loft.

This auction will take place over a period of several days. Bids will be accepted at the numbers listed, starting Friday, March 23rd and will run until Sunday April 8th at 4 p.m. NO BIDS will be accepted after 4 pm CST (CENTRAL STANDARD TIME), Sunday, April 8th. Call in bidders will be required to provide a credit card or appropriate method of payment at the time of their first call. You may call at any time to check the bid, or up the bid, on any bird. Bids will be accepted in $20.00 or more increments and the highest bidder at the time of the closing will be awarded the right to purchase the bird. If payment for any bird is not received within 48 hours of the closing of the bids, then the second highest bidder will be offered the bird at the high bid price, until the bird is sold. All birds are guaranteed to be healthy and fertile. If for any reason, a purchaser does not want to keep his purchase, he may return it within ten days of receipt and he will be awarded a full refund. Buyer will be responsible for cost of shipping container and freight to receive the birds. All birds will be shipped within 48 hours of receipt of payment.

As a group, these pigeons are medium to slightly below medium in size. They have luxurious feathering... soft and silky. Most are slightly longer cast with solid vents. There is not a weak vented or bad-backed bird in the loft. A book could be written about the eye-sign of these birds. Anything that any eye guru could want... is here. About half of the birds are pearl-gravel and about half of them are orange-gravel. Some have wine-gravel eyes which some of people might call violets. Every bird in the loft goes back to Hankís famous "180" hen, most of them go back to her at least 6 or 7 times. Since the "180" hen was a line-bred grand-daughter of the famous Red Hen, which was a pure Janssen and a grand-daughter of the world famous "Wondervos", many people have called these pigeons Janssens. They are no more Janssens than Grondelaers or Hofkins, or Van Loons are. "What they are", is a phenomenal family of birds BASED on Janssens. Hank and Armand were extremely demanding of this family. Performance was all that counted, and that performance had to come at the longer races, 400, 500 and 600 miles, before a pigeon was allowed to grace the breeding loft. The family has ALWAYS had introductions of other birds put into it. One of the great fallacies about the Vernazza pigeons was that they were "pure". They are a line-bred family going back to dominant producers. That is the way Hank did it, that is the way that Armand did it, and that is the way we will do it. Other birds have always been, and always will be, introduced to keep the family viable and competitive. If you are looking for ĎPUREí Vernazza pigeons, then I am sure that many other fanciers around the country can fill your order better than we can. If you are looking for dominant racing machines of Vernazza heritage, many of them line-bred, then you have found your nirvana.

The following number will take bids only: 1-800-437-4436. This is a toll free number that will be operational between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST, Monday through Saturday. Bids and inquiries about certain birds will be accepted at 337-276-5429 between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. CST seven days a week. Winning bidders will be notified within 24 hours of the closing of the bids. Payment can be made by credit card, money order, or cashierís check.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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