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 Our Loft > Zazueta Auction > AU 00 MTZ 3878 Blue Checker Cock
6. AU 00 MTZ 3878 Blue Checker Cock
  AU 00 MTZ 3878 Blue Checker Cock: medium body-slightly deeper keel, outstanding pearl-gravel eye. Another "World Class" specimen, this cock was a "saved" pigeon. Armand only kept pigeons that could have a special purpose. This cock is one of those. Examine the pedigree and you can easily see why. He is a grandson of the famous "Zapata", also showing in his pedigree are "4422" Armand’s best yearling in 1994, "Winner" one of the best flyers and breeders in the loft, and a daughter of "5254" and "Number One". "I’m a Slate 2" super foundation sire, "Old Lady Z" one of the best, and a direct daughter of "180", "Zeke"- two time 600 mile winner, "2377", super breeder and double grand daughter of "180", "Dora-Z", one of the best ever. In all a great cock, heavily line-bred to some of the best pigeons to grace the skies. Of course… "180"… THIRTEEN TIMES!