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 Our Loft > Zazueta Auction > AU 97 MTZ 3271 Blue Checker Cock
30. AU 97 MTZ 3271 Blue Checker Cock
  AU 97 MTZ 3271 Blue Checker Cock: medium body, pearl-gravel eye. This cock was a "saved" pigeon. He made the cut in Armand’s loft for three years, which should tell anyone who knows Armand something about this cock. His sire is a full brother to "Samm-Z" who was the best racing pigeon that Armand ever flew. His dam was bred by Hapyco from their Lumachi pigeons, which most of you may know, all go back to Hank Vernazza’s birds. This pigeon, while not as closely line bred as the others, could be quite valuable in helping to keep the blood from becoming too closely inbred. "180" hen shows FOUR times in this pedigree.