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 Our Loft > Zazueta Auction > AU 97 MTZ 3391 White Cock
28. AU 97 MTZ 3391 White Cock
  AU 97 MTZ 3391 White Cock: medium body, orange eye. A winner of seventeen diplomas: 1st vs. 114b, 2nd vs. 238b, 3rd vs. 233b, 18th Section 38th Combine vs. 1097b, 14th vs. 319b, 25th Section, 52nd Combine vs. 1138b, 15th vs. 379b, 9th Section, 10th Combine vs. 929b, 5th vs. 270b, 8th Section, 12th Combine vs. 780b, 2nd Section vs. 238b, and 13th Combine vs. 288b. He is the sire of the #2 bird in this auction, and he proves what a crossing of another good family to the old base Vernazza line can do. This cock was not only a good racer but when bred back to the Vernazza family, he proved to be a valuable breeder as well. His sire is from Hapyco Lofts, and is a line bred White Bandit cock. His dam shows the famous "180" hen in her pedigree three times. Breed him back to the Bandit family or breed him back to the Vernazza family and this cock can be a really productive pigeon. Very nice and very vigorous.