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Zazueta birds
  We auctioned more than two dozen birds we obtained with the acquisition of the loft of legendary fancier Armand Zazueta. The auction was conducted by telephone and began Friday, March 23, and ran through 4 p.m. Sunday, April 8, 2001. We thank all of our bidders for making this a very successful auction. We will be auctioning more Zazueta birds this fall, so keep your eye out for announcements on this site and in the press.

As we were preparing this material for the web site, we got word that Armand Zazueta has just been awarded his ninth Walt Disney award, an unparalleled record in the history of the racing pigeon sport. And we also learned that his loft has once again been named First American Ace by the Racing Pigeon Digest. Congratulations, Armand!

Below is a list of birds that were in the auction. Click on the band number of any bird for a complete description. There is a photo of each bird with its description, and for all but one there is also eyesign.
Tech note for return visitors: If you have viewed one of these pages before all photos were in place, you may have to "reload" or "refresh" your browser to see all the photos on a given page. Also, be sure your browser is set to reload pages on each visit.

We also included a siginficant amount of information on the breeding background of the birds that were auctioned here. Go to this special breeding reference information by clicking here.

Read more about these birds and the Zazueta loft, along with complete instructions and rules of the auction, by clicking here.

Advanced users: You may also download a file that contains all the loft and auction information, as well as the complete description of each bird offered, in either Word or PDF formats. (These files do not include photos; the photos are available only here on the web site.)

To download in Word format (43K) click here.
To download in PDF format (28K) click here.

Note: the descriptions in those documents as well as on the SiegelPigeons web site contain a correction of the description of bird # 17. The eye was previously described as "pearl gravel" and has been corrected to "orange gravel."

  Birds that were offered in this auction:

  1. AU 00 MTZ 3919 Blue Bar Hen
From the Zazueta race team-2nd Club/2nd Section winner

2. AU 00 MTZ 3916 White Cock
White cock- Want to found a loft of white Vernazza's? Here's your stud.

3. AU 00 MTZ 3913 Blue Bar Hen
BB H- daughter of a 1st 500 mile winner

4. AU 00 MTZ 3912 Blue Checker Hen
Could this bird be a foundation hen in your loft? Definitely!

5. AU 00 MTZ 3910 Blue Bar Tic Hen
Magnificent hen! Linebred to Zeke, foundation long distance cock in the Zazueta loft

6. AU 00 MTZ 3878 Blue Checker Cock
3878 BC C- Linebred to 180…thirteen times! Future foundation cock!

7. AU 00 MTZ 3870 Blue Bar Cock
From the "speed" side of the family. Perfect blend of the old Van Loon and Verheyen blood blended with the "core" Vernazza genes. Great for producing long distance young birds.

8. AU 00 MTZ 3864 Blue Checker Cock
5 diplomas. Perfect to pair back to the more inbred core Vernazza blood.

9. AU 00 MTZ 3849 Blue Check Hen
Future stock hen supreme!

10. AU 00 MTZ 3848 Blue Check Hen
Sister to # 9. Either would make outstanding breeders.

11. AU 00 MTZ 3842 Blue Bar Hen
A "safe-bet" stock hen. Goes back to all the great ones in the family. "180" shows ten times!

12. AU 00 MTZ 3838 Blue Checker Cock
Line-bred to the great 1160 (Dora-Z) one of Brad LaVerne's favorite hens in the Zazueta loft.

13. AU 00 MTZ 3834 Blue Bar Hen
Need toughness in your Van Loons? This one is half Van Loon from the Planet Brothers, but with the Vernazza/Zazueta toughness. They stay the course all the way. Grand-daughter of the famous "Blackie-Z".

14. AU 00 MTZ 3820 Blue Checker Cock
Diploma cock. Son of a 1st Bay Cities Combine winner.

15. AU 00 MTZ 3819 Blue Check Hen
Double linebred from "Blackie-Z" and "Samm-Z", a foundation pair in the Zazueta loft. "180" shows eight times.

16. AU 00 MTZ 3808 Blue Bar Cock
3 diplomas. Nestmate to the 1st Champion pigeon in the 2000 young bird series. Grandson of "Zapata" one of the foundation sires.

17. AU 99 MTZ 3779 Blue Bar Cock
Direct son of "I'm a Slate 2", the modern foundation cock of the loft. Long distance blood loaded in his veins.

18. AU 99 MTZ 3697 Blue Slate Hen
Future stock hen supreme. Certain to be an outstanding breeder!

19. AU 99 MTZ 3686 Blue Bar Cock
"180" in this cock's pedigree twelve times!!! Can't miss!

20. AU 99 MTZ 3663 Blue Bar Cock
6 diplomas in 3 races as young bird! "180" hen thirteen times!

21. AU 99 MTZ 3659 Blue Bar Hen
2nd place versus 730 birds. Consistent racer. "180" hen fifteen times!!! This is a "no brainer".

22. AU 99 MTZ 3655 Blue Checker Cock
Winner of several diplomas, nice racing cock. "180" hen fourteen times! Can't go wrong.

23. AU 99 MTZ 3635 Blue Bar Cock
Winner of 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 9th vs. over 1000 birds! "180" hen twelve times! Hello?!!

24. AU 98 MTZ 3517 Blue Checker Hen
Winner of 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 6th, 16th & 25th. Grand daughter of "Number One". Super!

25. AU 98 MTZ 3447 Blue Checker Hen
Winner of 4th, 5th,13th, 16th & 17th, up to the combine level. "180" - eight times!

26. AU 98 MTZ 3413 Blue Bar Hen
Winner of 4th, 5th, 9th, plus many other positions. "180" hen - thirteen times!

27. AU 98 MTZ 3411 Blue Slate Hen
Winner of 6th, 7th, 10th, and 18th. Direct daughter of "Z" - 1st 500 mile winner. This is a VERY nice hen! "180" six times.

28. AU 97 MTZ 3391 White Cock
Want white? Here's your man! Seventeen diplomas. Sire of winners!

29. AU 97 MTZ 3333 Blue Checker Slate Hen
Sure to be an outstanding breeder. Grand daughter of "Blackie-Z".

30. AU 97 MTZ 3271 Blue Checker Cock
Grandson of "Blackie-Z" and "Samm-Z" (best ever racer for Zazueta).

31. AU 97 MTZ 3224 Blue Checker Hen

Many diplomas up to Combine level. "180" seven times. Another can't miss bird.

32. AU 96 MTZ 1628 Blue Pencil Cock
Absolutely, positively, THE foundation cock in YOUR loft… period, the end. This one won't go cheap.

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