Atomic Timer


1) Set time in the Atomic timer. The Atomic master will automatically reset itself several times each day to make sure that time is running correctly. To make sure that the timer sets itself properly for the correct time zone, remove the batteries and replace them. This will cause the unit to reset. As the unit receives data from the satellites, each satellite that it reads will show up as a small football-like icon on the screen of the unit. The more icons showing, the faster the unit will be able to reset. Time reset may take up to ten minutes. Once the unit sees enough satellite signals, it will set itself automatically for time zone and correct time. When correct time is certain, the unit will display an icon that resembles a radio tower. If this icon does not appear, the unit may need to be moved to an area where the satellite signals are more distinct.

2) Once time is set in the Atomic master, the unit is ready to become a part of the Benzing club equipment and can be used to set time for races. Simply connect the Atomic master to the club equipment at the CPN by using the cord that comes with the Atomic master. This cord attaches to the Atomic master via a telephone jack outlet at the Master and via a 9-pin serial connector at the CPN.

3) It should be noted that power should NOT be put to the club equipment until all devices are properly connected. The proper procedure for connecting all devices would be to first connect the Atomic Master to the CPN. Then connect the club printer to the CPN, and connect the CPN to the CNN. The next step would be to connect the club antenna to the CNN. Now power may be put to the CNN. The final step would be to connect an Atis Top or Express clock to the system.

4) It should be noted that all Atis Tops and Express clocks should be loaded with the proper software to enable them to work best with the Atomic master unit. Check with The Siegel Co. for the latest software versions in each clocking unit.

5) Connect an Atis Top to the club system. After it boots up, an “Execute Authorization” command will appear. Take special note at this time of the face of the Atis Top. In the top right corner of the unit, there will appear a notice. If the Atis is reading the external Atomic timer, the unit will read “EXT CL”, meaning “external clock.” If it is not reading the Atomic Master, the unit will read “IN CL”, meaning “internal clock”. It is very important that each Atis Top be checked to make sure that the Atomic master is being read.

6 ) If the Atomic master is recognized, you simply proceed as usual by choosing which race you want to enter. The instant that you choose the race, the time from the Atomic Master will be transferred to the Atis Top. This same procedure applies to the Express timers, with the exception that the signal “EXT CL” does not appear on the face of the unit.

7) If the Atomic Master is not recognized by the Atis Top, first check the Atomic Master to see if the icon is present (showing the radio tower signal). If this icon is not present, the Atomic Master cannot guarantee that time is accurate, and the Benzing units will not allow time to be transferred. ONLY IF THE ICON IS PRESENT WILL TIME TRANSFER FROM THE ATOMIC MASTER TO THE BENZING TIMERS.

8) If the icon is present but the Atis units still read “IN CL”, other possibilities may exist as to why time will not transfer, such as: a) the Atomic Master is not properly connected–check all connections,. b) the Atomic Master was connected after power was already put to the club system, thus the club equipment does not know that the Atomic Master is connected, c) the Atis unit is not updated to the proper software version, or d) the CPN may be defective–try a different CPN.

9) The Atomic Master DOES NOT SET TIME IN THE CAN! The Atomic Master is designed to set time in each individual clock upon the selection of the race, but if you wish to have the time in the CAN be the same as the time in the Atomic Master, then that process will have to be done manually.

10) Special notes should be considered when using the Atomic Master. Since the batteries were installed at the factory many months ago, it is suggested that you exchange the batteries for new ones immediately, and it is also suggested that the Atomic Master be disconnected from the club equipment during the week, as leaving it connected tends to drain the batteries. As special precaution, the internal CAN should be set each week using the Atomic Master. In this way, even if the external clock cannot be read, the internal clock will be accurate, and that time may be used to start and stop the races with acceptable accuracy.


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