Handy Band Cutters (Discontinued)

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Handy Band Cutters

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Specially designed blade on these cutters will slip between the band and the birds leg to allow band to be easily cut off without hurting the bird Very popular! Use when older birds have outgrown their bands or if injured birds need their bands removed. Makes a very clean and easy cut. Can also be used to cut a notch out of the band to relieve the pressure from a seamless band but not remove the band entirely.

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1 review for Handy Band Cutters (Discontinued)

  1. Fei Tang

    Great quality ring/band cutter! ‘Stanley 84-213’ marked on product. Fast shipment, packed well, best price in the US. And it definitely can safely remove plastic or aluminum ring/band for small size pet birds like parakeet, finch, love bird… to medium size birds like pigeon, chicken. All you need to do is adjust the screw, test on thick plastic/ aluminum, making sure the screws are set tight before cutting. Very happy with this purchase, our pet parakeet says thank you too!!

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