Oropharma Form-Oil Plus – 500ml


Oropharma Form-Oil Plus – 500ml

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Energetic mixture based on 14 different oils – pigeons

Energy supplier based on 14 different oils. Ideal to build up general condition and to provide fats necessary during flights.

  • Ideal energy supplier
  • Helps build up condition
  • Helps promote the natural resistance


Moisten your grain mixtures with 1 tablespoon of Form-Oil Plus to 2 lbs of feed. Add 1 measuring spoon of Oropharma Form-Mix Plus powder, stir it vigorously and let it dry for 1 to 2 hours. Form-Oil Plus should only be served with grains (NEVER in the drinking water).
– Flight season: Mix Form-Oil Plus as instructed and provide 2 to 3 times a week with the feed
– Young pigeons: Mix Form-Oil Plus as instructed and provide twice a week with the feed
Form-Oil Plus may only be administered via the grains, so NOT in the drinking water.

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