Spiral Leg Bands


Spiral Leg Bands (50 bands)

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An old favorite marking band, these colorful markers are made of coiled plastic which can be opened and placed around the bird’s leg. It will then recoil to its original size. Spirals come in 10 different colors and three sizes. Available one color to a pack. Specify color at checkout.

Order Size 95 – Small for small homers, small pigeons, and some doves.

Order Size 94 – Roller for Rollers, Fantails, Helmets & Tumblers

Order Size 96 – Homer for most homers and medium-size pigeons

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94-Black, 94-Red, 94-Orange, 94-Green, 94-Purple, 95-Black, 95-Yellow, 95-Purple, 95-Blue, 95-Green, 95-Brown, 95-Red, 96- Red, 96-Brown, 96-Purple, 96-Green, 96-Orange, 96-Blue, 96-Pink, 96-Yellow, 96-Black, 96-White


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