Benzing Download Program

Instructions for Acquiring and Using the Benzing Download Program 

The Benzing Download Program acts as an interface link between an Atis Top or Express clock and a software source (such as a floppy disk) where update data is stored and aids in the transfer of a copy of that data from the floppy disk (or other source) to the Atis Top or Express clocks. The process of transferring this information into the Atis or Express clocks is called downloading, and this is the way that our clocks are kept up to date with the latest intelligence which keeps them running most efficiently.

Benzing has produced the Download Program and made it available through its worldwide distributors via diskette (floppy disk), CD, through the Internet as an e-mail attachment from the distributor, or as a downloadable program from the Gantner website at

Several versions of the Atis Download Program have come into existence since the inception of the Atis clocks in 1996. The latest version is 3.4. The download program is pre-set to search for certain types of files. In the case of the most recent Atis and Express updates written by Benzing, the files are called BAM files, and the Download Program is pre-set to search for those BAM files either on your computer hard drive or from a floppy disk. These disks can be sent to you by your distributor or e-mailed to you from the distributor’s computer. Any basic computer that is running Windows 95 or higher will be able to load and run the Download Program.
Loading the Program

The Download Program can be obtained either by having the distributor send a diskette or CD containing the program to you, or via the Internet by e-mail from the distributor. Another way to acquire the program is by visiting Gantner’s website and downloading the program from there. Acquiring the program via the web site is relatively easy. Log onto the Internet and go to the Gantner website at Choose English Version, then go to the Pigeon Systems section, and choose Accessories. Located under the Accessories section are the various software programs that Benzing makes available to its customers. One of those programs is the Download Program. There is an icon under the program heading that shows a “Download Now”button. By choosing that button, you will be able to download the program directly from Gantner’s website to the hard drive of your computer. You will have to be familiar with unzipping files, as the program comes to your computer in zipped form. If your computer does not have a feature that allows you to unzip files, you can find a program that will do it for you at the website

During the download and installation process, you will be prompted to agree to accept the terms and conditions of the privacy and security of the program. By agreeing to these terms, the program will install itself onto your computer and create a shortcut icon on your computer screen that reads “Download V3.4”.

Using the Program

Click on the shortcut icon to activate the Download program. The program will open and the first window will say BENZING FREEWARE. There are four menu options on the top of this window, FILE, SETTINGS, INFO and HELP. The HELPsection will give you adequate instructions to get you through the process of using the Download Program if you should lose this tutorial.

Click on SETTINGS, then click on COMPORT. The program will test your computer’s Communications ports and show the number of active COM ports that it sees and display the available comports on the COMPORT window. 

Click on TEST. Now the program will test the available ports and put a green check next to any COM port that is available and active. The lowest numbered port will be chosen and highlighted in blue. Choose SELECT. When you choose the port, the program will show a popup window letting you know that you have chosen that particular port to conduct your downloads. Click on the “JA” (YES) button to acknowledge acceptance of that port.

Connecting the Equipment

At this point you are ready to connect your Atis or Express clock to your PC and perform the download procedure. The equipment that you will need to perform a proper download will be: 1) The clock to be updated; 2) the club equipment MINUS the club antenna; and 
3) the software to be loaded into the clocks (either on a floppy diskette or already loaded onto your computer’s hard drive). Connect the club equipment exactly as though you were going to couple pigeons, but WITHOUT THE CLUB ANTENNA. This means that the 9-pin serial cable will be connected to the COM Port that you chose when you opened the Download Program. The 9-pin cable will be connected to the PC on one end and either to a CPN or to the CLUB POINT on the other. The CPN is then connected to the CNN, which is connected to the Atis Top or the Express clock (via the Express adapter cable or Express plastic housing). If you are using the CLUB POINT, you will connect your 4-pin coaxial cable directly into the Atis Top, bypassing both the CPN and the CNN. Now, power up the system and LET THE CLOCK BOOT UP COMPLETELY. Once the clock has completely booted up you may proceed.

Performing the Download

The normal way for your distributor to send you update information for your clocks is via the Internet as an e-mail attachment. Another way to receive the update info is to have the distributor send a diskette containing the update directly to you via postal mail or common carrier. It is advisable to download the update information directly from e-mail to a floppy (3-1/2″) diskette and leave the update info on the floppy disk, as this will make the process of downloading go a bit smoother for those who are not completely familiar with using computers. Make sure to properly identify each diskette and its contents.

Place the diskette containing the update information for the clock you want updated (Atis or Express) into the floppy drive, (i.e., “A” Drive) of your computer. Now click on the command FILEon your Download program window and choose the command DOWNLOAD.

This will open a two-sided window. On the left side is the CURRENT VERSION information and on the right side is the TARGET VERSION information. The download program will automatically begin searching through the COM port on your PC to find the attached clock. If you have connected everything properly as stated above, the program will locate the clock and fill the blanks on the left side window according to the data it reads from your clock. This information pertains to the hardware version of the clock and current software version in the clock.
You will notice that once the program locates the connected clock, it will activate the BROWSE button at the top of the window. When the BROWSE button becomes active, click on it to tell the program where to find the software that you want to load into the clock (i.e., “A” drive). Once you have chosen the route from which the software will be loaded, the program will start to search for the program containing the proper (BAM) files. After it locates the files, you may need to double click on the highlighted files to ensure that the Download Program has activated them.

When the Download Program has read the files and found them to be compatible with the clock that you wish to update, the right side window will fill with data pertaining to the update, and the DOWNLOAD Button on the right side of the screen will become active. At this point, simply click on the DOWNLOAD Button and the update information will begin to transfer from the floppy disk to your clock. DO NOT INTERRUPT THIS PROCESS! Let the transfer take place completely before disconnecting the clock. You will see a blue line go across the screen telling you when the update is complete. The clock being updated will also beep when the data transfer has completed. This entire process usually takes less than one to one and one-half minutes.

Once the transfer is complete, you may disconnect the clock and connect another. Let that clock completely boot up, and simply press the DOWNLOAD button to make another update. This process can be repeated as many times as necessary without changing anything, unless you change from an Atis Top to an Express, then the entire procedure will have to start over from the beginning.

Should a clock be connected to the system and the program not initially see the clock, you can choose the SEARCH DEVICEbutton to have the program perform a new search for the clock. No data will transfer if the Download Program does not see the connected device. Sometimes it may be necessary to disconnect everything and restart the entire process if the program does not find the clock, but if all connections are proper and the equipment is working, this process should be painless.

Note: It is necessary to know that older versions of software in the Atis Tops may require a two-step update procedure to get the clock completely updated with the latest files. You will have to confer with your distributor to find our which software versions may require this procedure, but in general, software versions of 3.27A or higher in Atis Tops running single fancier software and 3.33 or higher in Atis Tops running multiple fancier software will be able to perform the updates without doing a two-step procedure.

If the Download Program performs a device search and finds that the software currently running in the Atis Top or Express clock is too old to be updated without a two-step process, the information window at the bottom of the Atis Download program will give a message that reads something like this: DEVICE SOFTWARE NOT COMPATIBLE.

Should this message appear, it will be necessary to perform the two-step process to bring the clock up to date with the latest software versions that Benzing is running. Contact the Siegel Company to determine how that process can be accomplished.


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