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To win a pigeon race, you know that every second counts. The Atis M-1 System, the Atis Top System and the Express System from Benzing, available to the American fancier exclusively from Chas. Siegel & Son, have set a new standard in pigeon racing for speed, accuracy and ease of use.

Split seconds? The bobs are not down, and this bird is already in the clock!

Split seconds sometimes separate the winners from the losers. With a traditional clock, there is no way to time several birds within seconds of one another, but with a Benzing electronic timer, you can achieve flawless clocking of several birds “on the drop.” No more wasted seconds in catching the pigeon, removing the countermark from the pigeon’s leg, putting it into the clock, and turning the handle before moving on to the next pigeon that’s been waiting to be clocked.

Fanciers who use either the M-1, Atis or Express electronic timing system have several other important advantages over traditional clocks. You can clock several races simultaneously. Record your week-day training tosses, for smarter pooling the night of the basketing. Or when a pigeon race conflicts with a family outing or a fishing trip or a football game, the M-1, Atis or Express electronic timing system will clock all your birds for you.

Werner Gamon of Gantner Electronics and Siegel’s Ed Minvielle set up basketing for the San Diego Classic. We even know of some guys who have fallen asleep on race day while they’re waiting on the birds to come in, and because they had a Benzing system, they didn’t miss a pigeon. And the race information stored in the M-1, Atis or Express system is secure and cannot be manipulated. Read on to find out more about your choice of Benzing systems, the key differences between the M-1, the Atis and the Express, and the various features that can be tailored to your loft and your budget.


These systems used by the biggest and most prestigious
races in North America, including:

  • Texas Shoot-Out
  • Desert Classic
  • East Coast Challenge
  • Caribbean Classic
  • American Showdown
  • Flamingo Race
  • Queen City Memorial
  • Boundbrook Futurity
  • Paterson Air Derby
  • AU Convention Race
  • IF Convention Race
  • California State Convention Race
  • Texas Center Convention Race
  • Dixie-Southern Convention Race
  • Arizona Open Classic
  • Snow Bird Classic
  • Gulf Coast Classic
  • San Diego Classic
  • Triple Crown Classic
  • America’s King Cup
  • New England Open
  • Snow Bird Futurit
  • Holiday Cup
  • President’s Cup
  • T-Bird Stakes
  • City of Hope Race

If these top races can trust their timing to Benzing, shouldn’t you?

Check these links out to see a video on the operation of M1 clocks, G2 clocks and the Benzing LIVE!

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See this chart to find your Benzing model and software update.

EXPRESS 3.00-3.02 3.02 (Last made)
ATIS TOP 5.60-5.90 5.90 (Last made)
M1 3.08-4.32 4.32
EXPRESS G2 2.06-4.32 4.33
CLUB SYSTEM (NEW) 2.9-4.7 4.7


Benzing Pro-Chip

Benzing BR-Chip


Notice to all Benzing ETS users.  Benzing has announced that effective January 30, 2013 they will no longer produce the BR electronic chip rings.  The only chip rings that they will produce will be the PRO chips and the ICOM chips (which can be inserted into blank AU or IF bands.)  Benzing equipment will continue to support the BR chips through the end of 2014, but effective January 1, 2015 Benzing clocks and club units will no longer support the BR chip ring, only the PRO and ICOM chips will continue to be supported by Benzing equipment.

Effective immediately we are removing the BR chip rings from our site.  We will continue to inventory the BR chips through the end of 2012, but orders for BR chips will have to be placed by phone.  The PRO chips are currently .10 to .15 cents cheaper and will work on all Benzing clocks and club units that have had the latest software updates installed.  To check whether your clock or club unit is running a software that will accept the PRO rings, you can refer to the chart above.

We receive a lot of questions regarding how often a fancier should update his Benzing clock.  In general it is suggested that a software update be performed every two years.  This also applies to the club units.  Benzing’s older model club units (where the CAN and club point are separate pieces) will NOT be able to handle the newer type rings that Benzing has in the production pipeline for the future, so it is strongly suggested that if your club is still using an older model club unit you contact Siegel’s at your earliest convenience to discuss trading your unit in for replacement.  This schedule will allow for continued seamless and problem-free enjoyment of your racing hobby.


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Very prompt on shipping! Knowledgeable about all their products! And you can talk to a professional racer, Mr. Siegel himself!

Gary Donelson