In the year 795, the town of Brimnum was first written about when the then count Wrachar donated some farms to the gospel preacher Liudger. This was the beginning of what would later grow into Brummen, a town in the east of the Netherlands between Arnhem and Zutphen where 8,500 people now live with over 21,000 people in the entire Brummen municipality. In the pigeon world, Brummen is a very well-known place where people from all corners of the world come to admire the pigeons and lofts of Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp. In the pigeon world, the Eijerkamp family has been a household name for many, many years. Hans Eijerkamp (88) took his first steps in the pigeon world in 1950. Years later, his children, Evert-Jan, Hans-Jaap and Martin followed who were all infected with the same bacillus. Due to a fatal accident, his youngest son Martin met a tragic end at a young age and Hans-Jaap went on to prefer other hobbies and so father and son Evert-Jan (61) continued with their passion. Business-wise, the family is very successful as Eijerkamp is one of the leading home furnishing shops, with branches in Zutphen and Veenendaal, in the Netherlands and Eijerkamp also appears weekly on the Dutch television where they participate in various home furnishing programmes. With over 300 employees, this obviously requires a huge amount of energy and time, and then of course the pigeons are the place to relax and forget about the many worries. But as with successful entrepreneurship, the bar was also set extremely high with the pigeons and Zutphen, from where Hans once started with the pigeons, became far too small. So in 1978, the family settled on the Greenfield Stud in Brummen which was transformed into a true pigeon paradise.

In the intervening 45 years, Hans and Evert-Jan continued to build their own strain with unique pigeons that are successful and known not only in Brummen, in the Netherlands, in Europe but just worldwide. To get to this point, a lot of blood, sweat and tears were needed, but also capable and good people around them who were willing and able to help build to become hugely successful. In the course of 45 years, Team Eijerkamp has followed the passion and developments of Messrs Eijerkamp and today, Hans and Evert-Jan are surrounded by Oliver Sabol, trainer/carer at Lotte Eijerkamp, Kees v.d. Beek, trainer/caretaker at Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, Esther Noorderijk who takes care of a department with youngsters, Arnold Paalman and Rick Wuestenenk who take care of the breeding and storage pigeons and Henk Jurriens who is the right hand of Hans and Evert-Jan and for many the first point of contact of Team Eijerkamp.

The beginning of Hans’ career was like that of so many with a pigeon of that and that until Hans realised he wasn’t going to get there that way. A so every penny was put aside to buy good pigeons and lo and behold the performances went up since then. In 1964, Hans went to Arendonk and bought 5 youngsters from the legendary Janssen brothers. When his sons also actively joined his passion, even more targeted purchases were made, including many National Ace Pigeons, National winners and top pigeons from both the Netherlands and Belgium. Great crossing material became the Van Loon pigeons and especially these strong Van Loon pigeons provided the power and endurance against the Janssen pigeons. These Van Loon pigeons were bought on the recommendation of star player in the 70s and 80s, the late Antoon van Haaren from Heesch, from acquaintances and family of his (a.o. Leo v.d. Werff, Aad van Berkel, Jaap Grotendorst) and with these pigeons Hans and Evert-Jan built their own successful strain with these Janssen X Van Loon pigeons at the base. A number of pigeons were also purchased from Willem de Bruijn and in addition to some direct De Bruijn pigeons that have flown top in Brummen, a large number have in the meantime proven themselves in breeding.

Treasurer of the Leo Heremans pigeons
An already legendary trip was, on the advice of friend Willem de Bruijn, to the tandem Leo Heremans and Karel Ceusters. Here the men were speechless at the sheer amount of quality that then resided in the lofts in Vorselaar. Some 30 youngsters were ordered to start playing and since then it can safely be said that Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp preserve and cultivate the heritage of Leo Heremans as these pigeons are one of the important pillars of today’s top performances. Top pigeons such as ‘Euro’, ‘Jackpot’, ‘Rossi’, ‘Spinneke’, ‘Thorwald’, ‘Mysterious’ and, of course, the ‘New Olympiad’ were transferred to Brummen for a lot of money and are also at the basis of many successes with numerous fanciers worldwide. Despite the fact that Leo has unfortunately stopped active pigeon racing in the meantime, the descendants of these pigeons are still abundant and make a name for themselves on the 100-500 km races with many fanciers.

Olympic Jozef’, 2x 1st Nat. acebird in the Netherlands
Another important move were also some targeted purchases from Gerard and Bas Verkerk which in crossing with their own built up strain of pigeons provided a boost in performance on the 400 – 700 km flights. ‘Olympic Jozef’ was bred from this successful cross Verkerk X Eijerkamp because his father ‘Solange Jr’, directly out of ‘Olympic Solange’ of Gerard and Bas, was coupled with a top hen of Hans and Evert-Jan ‘Tegan’ which again is a golden descendant of this Janssen X Van Loon cross.
‘Olympic Jozef’ represented the Netherlands at the last Olympiad in Oradea and
Olympic Jozef’ eventually, as a yearling, became 4x National Ace Pigeon in the Netherlands on both middle distance and one-day long distance. Even in breeding, his genes are worth their weight in gold as he is already grandfather of, among others, 2nd NPO Orleans against 4,532 pigeons.
We would like to briefly mention the best results of ‘Olympic Jozef’;
1. Nat. acebird one-day long distance WHZB/ BotB 2020
1. Nat. ace Middle Distance The Very Best 2020
1. Nat. Ace one-day-fond PIPA 2020
1. Nat. Ace one-day-Fond FCI World Best Pigeon 2020
2. Nat. Ace Pigeon Allround WHZB 2020
2. Olympiad Pigeon Cat. G Yearlings Romania 2022
5. NPO Chateaudun 4,058 pigeons
7. NPO Fay aux Loges 5,735 pigeons
11. National 14,036 pigeons
12. Niergnies 6,400 pigeons
13. NPO Fay aux Loges 9,218 pigeons
14. Sezanne 4,195 pigeons
15. Quievrain 1,202 pigeons

Introducing Gebr. Leideman pigeons at the Greenfield Stud
Hans and Evert-Jan never sit still, of course, and are therefore often among the first on the doorstep of rising stars, such as in 2018 where they knocked on the door of brothers Andre and Bert Leideman. Again, a number of youngsters were purchased to play with in 2019 and lo and behold the next success was born. These youngsters were played solely on the after-line in which a direct Leideman, ‘Speedy Grizzle’, made it to 1st National Ace Pigeon Speed/Natour WHZB/ TBoTB. Not only this top pigeon but also ‘Kai Mook’ know what winning is as the latter won 3x 1st prize in big competition on the Eijerkamp lofts. When in 2020, due to a necessary move, the entire racing team of Andre and Bert Leideman at PIPA was sold, Team Eijerkamp had to dig deep into their pockets to purchase a number of toppers including ‘Viton’ and ‘Daughter Goed Grijs’, the parents of ‘Speedy Grizzle’.

Supercouple “Viton” X “Daughter Goed Grijs”
Both ‘Viton’ and ‘Daughter Goed Grijs’ had already won victories on the lofts of the Leidemann brothers and they also became parents and grandparents of several ace pigeons and first prize winners in a short time in Brummen. Meanwhile, they are parents of:
– ‘Speedy Grizzle’, 1st Nat. ace pigeon Natour WHZB in 2019
– ‘Jitters’, 1st Prov. acebird Vitesse Afd. 8 in 2022
– ‘Gucci Grizzle’, 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Natour Afd. 8 in 2021
– ‘Grizzly Diamond’, 1st Prov. Quievrain – 12,633 pigeons, 1st Heusden-Zolder – 7,320 pigeons
– ‘Ramisha’, mother 3rd Nat. ace youngster De Allerbeste in 2021

‘Viton’ and ‘Daughter Goed Grijs’ are already grandparents of
– NL22-379, 1st Prov. Gennep – 12,570 pigeons at Gebr. Leideman
– ‘Grizzle Euro’, 3rd Nat. ace youngsters De Allerbeste in 2021
– ‘Golden Chanty’, 1st Prov, Marche – 10,983 pigeons, 1st Prov, Arlon – 3,722 pigeons, 2nd Burdinne – 7,245 pigeons, 5th Quievrain – 8,996 pigeons.
– ‘Eileen’, 1st Prov. ace young ace Super fond club in 2022

‘Grizzly Diamond’ and ‘Golden Chanty’ were still raced by Peter Jansen from Kleve last season and purchased during his total sale in November to join the ranks in Brummen and further build the dynasty around the golden couple ‘Viton’ and ‘Daughter Goed Grijs’.

The care of Lotte Eijerkamp and Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp
The Greenfield Stud has been playing very successfully under two names since time immemorial and that on all races from 130 to 700 km. In the past, they also played the Marathon but this simply did not fit into the available daily hours because each discipline requires different training of course. With Lotte Eijerkamp, they traditionally play widowhood with both cocks and hens, while Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp play only hens. During the 2023 season, Lotte Eijerkamp will field 20 hens and 50 widowers, while Hans and Evert-Jan will field 90 hens. The entire team was paired in January and will normally raise their own youngsters before moving to widowhood in March. Until the end of April the hens will train 1x a day and from May they will train 2x a day while the cocks will train 1x a day this season.
2 days before basketing, the pigeons are tossed in Heteren (33 km) and when they arrive home, the partner is waiting behind the bars and they can ‘smell’ each other for a while. After this, they are immediately separated again and fed because in the evening the normal one-hour training is waiting. When basketing, the loft is darkened and the pigeons are put in the basket without showing. On Saturday, when they return home, the partner is waiting again and they can enjoy each other for a while. In principle, all hens go into the male on a weekly basis because rest rusts is the credo as well as the fact that otherwise the hens will gain weight too quickly. During the season, the hens are outside in the run all day long, in fine and less fine weather, while in the evening and at night they stay inside the loft on chapels. All old pigeons are inoculated for PMV on eggs and after youngsters are weaned they are inoculated for smallpox as well as eviscerated so they are then also ready for the season.

Feeding the pigeons at Lotte and Hans and Evert-Jan’s lofts is done completely differently but the lion’s share of Beijers mixtures is a mix of Vandenabeele, Koopman All-in One, Galaxy Sport Light. In addition, extra hemp, eggfood and candy seed are given as well as a fresh portion of grit daily. Supplements in the form of Probac, Sedochol, Pink Minerals by Dr Marien, Recovery by Jaap Koehoorn, are also given weekly over the feed during the racing season.

Medically, nothing is left to chance.
Veterinarian Tony Oranje visits every Monday to inspect the pigeons. From each department, 2-3 pigeons are then extensively examined as well as the droppings of all pigeons are checked. Nevertheless, the pigeons are also given ‘preventive’ medical supervision. When they arrive home, electrolytes are first put in the drinking water and in the evening and on Sunday a disinfectant is added to the water to nip any pathogens in the bud. In addition, the pigeons are given something against the respiratory tract every week during the season. However, one of the most important things is that immediately after the end of the season, a 3-week cure is done with Orniflox and immediately after that a one-week cure with Fungitrax against the aspergillus and because this actually takes place in the middle of the moulting season, it has the most work as the pigeon’s immunity is at its lowest then. This has become a standard since the appointment of Tony Oranje as medical advisor on the Eijerkamp lofts since 2011.

Lotte Eijerkamp’s youngsters are raced at the door and are first given a breeding mixture when they are weaned, after which, after 5-6 weeks, they are switched to their own basic mixture, which on Lotte’s loft last year consisted of the protein-poor Vandenabeele mixture mixed with a racing mixture from Theunis. Since last year, Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp’s youngsters first spend about eight weeks in a tent, which is Esther’s own system, so that in their first weeks the pigeons can familiarise themselves with the environment and everything that happens around them. After these 8 weeks, they are released and then they need 3-4 days before they fly for almost half an hour.


This is then continued and after two weeks they are in the air for 1.5 hours and start to pull away. Training the youngsters is done frequently and always basket by basket. Before the season the pigeons are taken away about 30 times and this up to Ravenstein. Before the first flight, the youngsters are already separated at Lotte’s loft after which they fly ‘on the door’ for ten weeks. Esther’s loft is very sociable and there are couples scratching or brooding in every nook and cranny.

The 2022 season

In 2022 the performance was phenomenal again and to name everything we could put down a whole series of figures where we limit ourselves to a few highlights on the Team Eijerkamp lofts

  1. Gouden Duif Winner the Netherlands
  2. Nat. champion Best Fancier of the Netherlands WHZB

Bierges                                    187 km

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-13 etc.                                            2,750b

Prov. Morlincourt                               359 km

1-2-15-20-24-25-33-43-44-48-63-66-67-etc               17,024b

Morlincourt                             359 km

1-2-4-5-9-10-11-12-13-17-18-19-20-21-22 etc.         4,975b

Niergnies                                             299 km

1-2-5-8-25-26-27-35-36-37-38-39-41-47 etc. 5,031b

NPO La Ferte St. Aubin                       574 km

1-7-9-10-15-28-32-55-66-67-80 etc.                          6,865b

NPO-South Chateaudun                      567 km

1-2-5-6-8-12-13-14-15-17-24-25-29-40-41-42 etc.    2.697b

Bierges                                                187 km

1-2-5-8-9-10-11-15-18-21-22-23-24-27-28 etc.         5,258b


Some top pigeons of the 2022 season
Some top pigeons of the 2022 season we would like to show you

NL20-1248249 ‘Flamengo’
This top hen out of ‘New Euro’ won 18 prizes in 2022 including many top prizes and joined the ten National Ace Pigeons in the Netherlands.
Father: DV07462-14-432 ‘New Euro’, 1st Olympiad pigeon Germany Young Pigeons in 2015
Meanwhile, ‘New Euro’ is a breeder of golden class as for 4 years in a row one of his children has been among the 10 National Ace Pigeons in the Netherlands.
Mother: NL18-1628289 ‘Aura’, daughter out of ‘Fat Blue Jackpot’ one of the top breeding sons of the legendary ‘Jackpot’.

‘Flamengo’ is winner
3. Prov. ace Middle Distance Afd. 8 2022
4. Prov. ace pigeon Middle Distance Afd. 8 2022
6. Nat. Ace Pigeon Shire De Allerbest 2022
9. Nat. ace pigeon Shintz/Midfond Pipa 2022
3. Chalons en Champagne 1,251 pigeons
8. NPO Morlincourt 8,903 pigeons
8. Bierges 4,292 pigeons
10. Bierges 5,258 pigeons
11. Tienen 5,780 pigeons
Morlincourt 4,975 pigeons 19.
32. Chalons en Champagne 2,821 pigeons
36. Prov. Quievrain 13,403 pigeons
39. Prov. Niergnies 10,367 pigeons


NL20-1248421 ‘Octavia’.
A super daughter of ‘Luka Modric’ which already won a 1st in the region as a yearling and in 2022 again won several top prizes including 2nd provincial against 17,000 pigeons where she was eventually beaten by loftmate ‘Kai Mook’.
Father: NL18-1627863 ‘Luka Modric’, the super pigeon which as a youngster already won 4 National titles being 1st National Ace Pigeon in 4 different competitions. Meanwhile, /Luka Modric’ is a gifted breeder and is father and grandfather of several toppers, first prize pigeons and ace pigeons.
Mother: NL19-1667359 ‘Lady Hawk’, a direct daughter of ‘Murphy’s Law’ of Willem de Bruijn. ‘Lady Hawk’ won as a youngster 5th Tienen against 3,734 pigeons on the Eijerkamp jocks but unfortunately she was caught by the hawk 3 days later and her racing career was over. Fortunately perhaps because in the meantime she is a proven breeding hen

‘Octavia’ is winner of
6. Prov. acebird short distance 2022
1. Tienen 2,438 pigeons
2. Prov. Morlincourt 17,024 pigeons
9. Morlincourt 2,156 pigeons
9. Chimay 1,089 pigeons
12. Niergnies 2,435 pigeons
14. Melun 1,807 pigeons
16. Bierges 2,271 pigeons

NL19-7007129 ‘Naomi’
A super pigeon who won 5x 1:1000 and who was taken off the racing team immediately after her 2nd regional win in 2022 to strengthen breeding because her genes are gold !!!
Father: NL13-1829067 ‘Turbo Rossi’, the supercrack who won 5x 1st prize in big competition and who is father, grand- and great-grandfather of many first prize winners. A pure top Heremans breeder, grandson of ‘New Rossi’ X ‘Eenoogske’, who hardly knows his equal.
Mother: NL15-1897807 ‘Uniek’, the hen with the golden eggs as she is mother and grandmother of many top birds and ‘Uniek’ is daughter of ‘Barend J’ X ‘Anniek’ which again is granddaughter of the legendary ‘Euro’.

‘Naomi’ is winner of
1. Niergnies 6,400 pigeons
1. Morlincourt 4,975 pigeons
2. Quievrain 6,209 pigeons
2. Niergnies 2,333 pigeons
3. Niergnies 5,573 pigeons
3. Quievrain 2,681 pigeons
22. Chalons 1,459 pigeons
25. Quievrain 4,009 pigeons
26. Prov. Niergnies 10,065 pigeons

NL19-1248587 ‘Kai Mook’.
Bought as a squeaker from Andre and Bert Leideman and flown on the Eijerkamp lofts in which she won 3 first prizes in big competition with in 2022 the 1st provincial against 17,024 pigeons. Claire’, a sister of ‘Kai Mook’, also won 3 first prizes in the big competition with the Leideman brothers.
Father: NL17-1864074 ‘Son Crack 19’ which is a son of ‘Crack 19’ X top hen ‘Jet’ who won 3 pure first prizes. ‘Crack 19’ and ‘Jet’ are standard-bearers in breeding with the brothers meanwhile.
Mother: NL17-1753533 ‘Sister Goed Grijs’, a full sister of ‘Goed Grijs’ the star on Leideman’s loft which won 7x 1st prizes.

‘Kai Mook’ is winner
7. Prov. acebird short distance in Division 8 in 2022
8. Prov. acebird Allround in Division 8 in 2022
1. Prov. Morlincourt 17,024 pigeons
1. Bierges 2,271 pigeons
1. Dizy le Gros 1,758 pigeons
4. Bierges 4,925 pigeons
7. Prov. Niergnies 10,065 pigeons
9. Prov. Niergnies 6,829 pigeons
9. Tienen 2,438 pigeons

NL20-1248775 ‘Alissa’
This top hen out of ‘Tanguy’ won 20 prizes last season and eventually became 4th National Ace Pigeon. She is again a daughter of ‘Tanguy’ which in the meantime is becoming one of the best Verkerk breeders in the Netherlands because in the 3rd generation this topper is already producing winners and ace pigeons.
Father: NL15-1706564 ‘Tanguy’, grandson of ‘Olympic Solange’, and one of the top breeders on the Eijerkamp lofts. This direct cock from Gerard and Bas Verkerk is father, grandfather of several toppers as also that he is sire of the 1st National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance in 2018/2019.
Mother: NL16-1255417 ‘Shine’, a pure Janssen van Loon hen which is mother of several toppers. She is full sister to top breeders ‘Inbred Don Leo’, mother of ‘Xenon’, 1st Nat. acebird One-day long distance as well as sister of ‘Flash Leo’, which is father of e.g. 6th National acebird WHZH but also a provincial winner against more than 10,000 pigeons.

Alissa’ won a/o.
3. Regional Ace Natour in 2022
4. Nat. acebird Old birds Pipa in 2022
5. Regional Ace Single Day Pigeon in 2022
6. Bierges 3,901 pigeons
8. Menen 2,652 pigeons
8. Niergnies 2,333 pigeons
17. Tienen 5,780 pigeons
24. Prov. Morlincourt 8,903 pigeons
29. Chimay 3,854 pigeons
33. Tongeren 1,613 pigeons
39. Quievrain 5,095 pigeons

NL22-7073644 ‘Eileen’
This fat blue hen became champion pigeon provincial at the Superfond club for Lotte Eijerkamp. She is a daughter of ‘Speedy Grizzle’ as well as granddaughter of the legendary ‘New Olympiade’. ‘Eileen’ was played 9 times as a youngster and won 8 prizes.
Father: NL17-1821487 ‘Blue Magic’, a great son of ‘Nieuwe Olympiade’ X ‘Rosie’ which was one of the best hens of ‘Nieuwe Olympiade’. Children and grandchildren of ‘New Olympiade’ are leading in breeding at many champion lofts worldwide. In China, descendants of ‘New Olympiade’ are becoming legendary in many OLR lofts.
Mother: NL19-1248576 ‘Speedy Grizzle’, 1st National Ace Pigeon Speed/Natour WHZB in 2019 and this topper was only played 4x in which she won 3x 1:1000 !!!!. ‘Speedy Grizzle’ is daughter of the golden pair ‘Viton’ X ‘Daughter Good Grey’

‘Eileen’ is winner of
1. Prov. ace young ace Superfondclub Afd. 8 in 2022
2. Nanteuil 325 pigeons
6. Bierges 2,750 pigeons
18. Prov. Niergnies 8,555 pigeons
28. Dizy le Gros 1,097 pigeons
75. Quievrain 2,580 pigeons
95. Morlincourt 1,358 pigeons


NL20-1248776 ‘Dino’
This widower was only reared unduplicated as a youngster and after already showing his prowess as a yearling in the 2nd half of the season, ‘Dino’, grandson of ‘Tanguy’, put a thick mark on the performance in 2022 and eventually became 3rd Semi-National Ace Pigeon in the Northern Union on the one-day long distance.
Father: NL17-1277661 ‘Panamera’, a son of ‘Topper Harley’ X ‘Princes’ and obtained from father and son Verkerk. Meanwhile, ‘Panamera’ is also father of several toppertjes in Brummen.
Mother: NL19-1412265 ‘Puck’, daughter of super breeder ‘Tanguy’ and full sister of ‘Xenon’, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon One-day long distance at the Fondspiegel 2018/2019.

‘Dino’ is winner of;
3. S-Nat. Ace One-Day Dog Northern Union in 2022
8. Prov. Ace Single Day Long Distance in Afd. 8 in 2022
6. S-Nat. Vierzon 3,142 pigeons
22. NPO Vierzon 3,993 pigeons
27. NPO Chateauroux 3,304 pigeons
27. Chimay 3,540 pigeons
32. NPO Laon 11,179 pigeons
40. Sens 1,599 pigeons
42. Chalons 3,347 pigeons