Once in a lifetime ? Every pigeon fancier with the smallest grain of ambition dreams about winning a national victory in their chosen discipline. Another step higher is having a national ace pigeon on their loft and combining these two is just the max ! And you get never used to it !

Since he is racing pigeons, Philippe Dobbelaere is used to a lot by now. The past 10 years you just can’t read a result without seeing him at the top of the national results and championships and this both with cocks, hens and youngsters on the middle distance, longer middle distance and long distance. A true all round loft with a top manager on the loft.

With the 1st national Chateauroux and 1st national Jarnac Philippe has the experience in winning national races, but there is always room for one more.

At the beginning of the season there were some question marks whether the racing team would be ready to do the harder work on a national level. Last year Philippe was one of the affected lofts that couldn’t race for a while due to the bird flew in his area. During this period it was hard waiting as he couldn’t compete but it was also a stand-still for the training of pigeons. They didn’t have the necessary experience they needed to start off in 2019.

The hand of the master during the preparation

Philippe isn’t the guy to sit back and wait. He doesn’t need to proof anything anymore but starting with a possible mental and physical training arrearage isn’t fun. Philippe put everything at work to give them as much as kilometres as possible so they would have enough kilometres at the beginning of the season. The start was phenomenal. How where they prepared for this season?

All racing pigeons (cocks and hens) did a winter breeding and were being coupled on the 5th of December. The racing team exist out of one loft with widow cocks on classic widowhood with 24 cocks. Goal is to race the one day long distance with these cocks. Then there is a loft with 24 widow hens and 17 cocks on total widow hood.

Beginning of March the cocks were being released for the first time and got used in their new boxes. The hens were brought to the aviaries after the breeding period until the 20th of March. Due to the bad weather circumstance around the 20th of March they didn’t train that much.  

On the 25th of March everything is being coupled again and were being trained during this period as well. After about three days breeding the eggs were taken away. They were trained in a few steps on 5 km, 10 km, 20 km, 35 km, and twice on 45km. After this trainings they went to Clermont (189km) with the club.

An amazing start

The start was without a doubt amazing and Philippe was afraid that this wouldn’t last the entire season. And his feeling was right. After this amazing start (read the results underneath) there was a small set back noticeable to take off again after that small set back with provincial and national victories and ace pigeons as a consequence.


20-04  Clermont (189 km)   304 ob.           1-2-9-15-16-21-34-53-54-74-76 (11/24)

                                                270 yl.            1-5-10-29-30-42-53 (7/17)

Clermont (189 km)271 ob.            2-3-4-5-6-7-11-12-13-15-17-30-31-31-44-79-88 (17/41)

232 yl.             2-3-4-6-7-8-10-12-17-18-49-60-64-71-78 (15/34)

27-04  Clermont (189 km)   168 ob.           1-2-3-4-9-12-13-20-21-22-23-27-29-39-43-4                                                                   44-53-54 (18/39)

144 yl.            1-2-3-4-9-10-17-18-19-20-26-26-27-34-47 (14/32)

05-05  Clermont (189km)    212 ob.           1-3-5-11-12-15-16-17-18-19-23-25-27-39-41-                                                                 61-62-65 (18/24)

                                                131 yl.            1-2-3-4-7-8-9-10-12-13-14-19-27-39 (14/17)

            Fontenay (317 km)   380 ob.           1-2-4-6-7-9-11-13-14-15-16-17-19-20-20-22-26-34-42-43-52-58-59-60-102-103-108-112-121-127 (30/39)

                                                179 yl.            1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-20-24-25-48-51-55-58 (25/32)

            Fontenay OVOU      799 ob.           1-3-5-8-9-11-14-18-19-20-22-23-27-28-29-30-36-50-63-64-86-96-98-101-188-189-202-209-226-238 (30/3

The top condition came all of a sudden back and on Argenton Provincial it was bingo.

Giliam (BE18-4076038) was the first

It was year bird ‘Giliam’ that opened the show on Argenton by winning the 1st Provincial Argenton East-Flanders with old and yearling birds and also by winning the 1st National zone Issoudun. It is a top pigeon that already showed as a youngster what he had inside of him.

His results

2nd       Clermont        754b

2nd       Clermont        924b

27th     Orléans          2,721b provincial

27th     Argenton       2,721b provincial

293rd   Argenton       22,826b national

1st        Fontenay       799b

1st        Argenton       1,947b provincial

1st        Argenton       1,947b provincial

1st        Issoudun       77d

1st        Issoudun       2,780d (zonal)

You can find names like for example Branko, Brigitte, Camilla, Cleo, Romulus, Agneta in his pedigree or in other words all the best out the own strain of Philippe’s loft.

‘Robin’ puts the cherry on the cake by winning the 1st national Libourne and becoming 1st national ace bird KBDB year birds Long distance.

The 1st one day long distance race where the year birds could compete namely Limoges II it was immediately a hit for the pigeons from Philippe.

Local              277 yl             1-13-49-94

                        169 old           2-5-17 (3/3)

Provincial      2,521 yl          2-59-398

National         10,783 yl        5-189

And it was ‘Robin’ who won the 5th national and gave colour to his ambition.

Two weeks later on Libourne it was the real hit in the rose. ‘Robin’ who was in top condition won the 1st National Libourne Year birds and took a real strong option on the title of becoming 1st national ace bird KBDB year birds.

Libourne local 91 yl : 1-19-26-29(4/7)

National 4.354 yl : 1-368-503-571 (4/7)

He was also the fastest against the total pack of 8,980 pigeons

Libourne local 113 old: 1-5 (2/3)

National 4,605 old: 3-11 (2/3)

In that same weekend they also hit hard on Issoudun and they also won the 1st prize on Orléans with the young birds.

Issoudun local 77 yl : 1-3-4-11-14-19-23 (7/14)

Nat. Zone A2  2,780 yl : 1-16-17-69-159-238-370 (7/14)

Issoudun Nat.Zone 2,091 old : 41-51-302 (3/6)




Issoudun local 77 yl: 1-3-4-11-14-19-23 (7/14)

Nat. Zone A2  2,780 yl: 1-16-17-69-159-238-370 (7/14)

At the moment it is sure that ‘Robin’ is the national ace bird 2019 KBDB year birds long distance. A title that is very appreciated amongst pigeon fanciers thanks to the strong results of a relatively young pigeon on though races. The races out of Limoges and Libourne were though, honest races with an average speed of just about the 1,000 m/m or in other words; hard work. He became ace bird with a coefficient of 0.0693%.

His palmaris :

1st  Nat Libourne  4,354 year birds and fastest against 8,980 pigeons

5th  Nat Limoges  10,783 year birds

1st  Nat Ace bird Long Distance Year birds KBDB 2019

75th  Nat Argenton 16,496 b. 2018

54th  Prov Orleans  5,021 b. 2018

456th  Nat Argenton 22,826 year birds 2019

‘Robin’ is a nice blue cock who has a very compact body. A strong eye, a big wing, soft feathers.

His father is ‘Brother Rocco’ (BE17-4197528). Rocco was a star with a.o. 5th National Limoges. Also is he brother to ‘Robby’ 3rd National Libourne, 35th National Gueret, 54th National Limoges, 74th National Argenton. They are from ‘Father Rocco’ who is a brother of base hen ‘Cleo’. ‘Father Rocco’ was coupled against to a hen from Roland Rothe who is a 100% Vandenabeele pigeons (out of ‘Zoon Lion King’, Neptunus-strain x Daughter ‘Witpen Maurice’)

The mother to Robin is a sister Sammy (BE16-4100214). Sammy won 7th National Brive, 40th nat Limoges and comes out of ‘Vader Treuzelaar’ coupled to the ‘Blauwe Yves’ (André Vermeiren, Kruishoutem.  The ‘Treuzelaar’ became 4th Provincial and 16th National Ace bird Middle Distance KBDB.

It is always taking a deep breath after a season like this and setting these kind of results. It is and stays working really hard to get these kind of pigeons on your loft and make to this kind of results. The lucky factor is also a part of these results but the ‘chickens don’t fall fried out the sky’. When we look rationally to the strain where ‘Robin’ comes from we again must admit that good ones come out of good ones and that selecting on bases of results is always a better change on good pigeons, in this case, super pigeons.

Philippe is a crack in building a strain, the getting ready of his pigeon team and no effort is too much and this in all humility. It is granted and enjoying this is the message and next are the different stages !