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Raf and Kobe Herbots

This is a loft with a famous last name, indeed Raf’s father is the famous Philip Herbots owner and builder of the the world reknown Herbots racing pigeon breeding station in Belgium. They also manufacture the Herbots line of racing pigeon products.

Raf grew up with pigeons and was so interested in them that he studied veterinary science in college and eventually got his degree as a veterinary doctor. Today he is exclusively a pigeon vet and known as one of the top pigeon vets in all of Belgium. Indeed many of Belgium’s absolute top fanciers, such as Bart and Nance Van Oeckel, Bart Geerinckx, Jelle Roziers, Henri Sapin, and hundreds upon hundreds of others go to Raf for their advice because they know that he is a totally honest man and he is very diligent about taking care of their birds to the highest degree.

Now that Raf has two sons and they are showing an interest in the birds, especially Kobe, Raf decided to use his connections in the sport and start a small racing loft. He maintains only about 12 pairs of breeders, but with Raf’s connections, those twelve pairs are of the absolute highest quality. Since Bart Van Oeckel is Raf’s best friend, of course many of the best from Bart and Nance have ended up in the breeding loft of Raf and Kobe. He has acquired some stock from some of his customers who he knows play the game at the absolute highest in all of Belgium. Raf should know, as he takes care of their pigeons. Of course, he also has his choice of whatever he wants from his father’s super stock of world class birds.

Raf and Kobe began racing only a few years ago, but immediately their results were at the very top. Now several years later, they can say that they’ve accumulated some of the top results in Belgium for small lofts and have regularly placed at the very top in many of the Belgian national races. Their loft has won nearly or perhaps by now, over 70 firsts in just a few seasons of racing, AND THEY ONLY RACE YOUNG BIRDS! The birds that Raf and Kobe has put in this auction are full brothers and sister to some of their very best racers and breeders. This will be a great opportunity for anyone interested in adding some of the hottest blood in Europe for middle distance racing, especially for young bird racing.


Bart & Nance Van Oeckel overwhelmed on Chateauroux national young birds with 2-12-16-22-26-27-…

Their young birds showed in the month of August that they were in an amazing condition by winning many, many prizes on the short and middle distance races, but that they would hit this hard on the last national race was something nobody had foreseen.

The Van Oeckel’s are racing very hard the past years and every year again they manage to smash hard. Beginning with super results of the old pigeons at the beginning of the season to give a last uppercut to their competitors with their young pigeons on the very last national race of the racing season of 2019. Bart is the first to admit that the wind was on this race in their favour but nevertheless it isn’t easy to set this kind of result.

Chateauroux III National Young birds:
2-12-16-22-26-27-68-69-70-77-106-131-157-170-273-362-365-397-…against 19,529b (105/218)
Chateauroux III National zone B2 Young birds:
2-3-6-11-12-13-26-27-28-34-46-61-73-81-…against 5,640b (88/218)

Chateauroux III National Old birds:
7-37-43-55-59-89-…against 2,850b (26/38)
Chateauroux III National zone B2 Old birds:
4-19-22-28-30-43-49-56-58-62-…against 1,199b (24/38)

Not easy with this many pigeons to set a prize percentage of almost 50% (!).

And to give you a small view of which kind of pigeons are at the top of the race, we would like to introduce to you the first arrival of the young pigeons (2nd Nat.) and the first arrival of the old pigeons (7th Nat.)

2 National Chateauroux III Young birds

BE19-6063094 is a very nice chequered hen. She is a daughter from a son ‘Zwarte Diamant’. ‘Zwarte Diamant’ is as known one of the base breeders at the Diamant Loft, he is father of top pigeons like f.e. ‘F16’, ‘Miss Poznan’, ….The mother of this winning hen is an inbred of that other top breeder on the loft ‘Gaston Jr’, he didn’t only race really well but has shown himself as a marvellous breeder by becoming father, grandfather, great-grandfather of many top pigeons to name on ‘Lady Gaston Jr’, direct daughter and winner of 1st National Chateauroux 2018 fastest of 24,708b