Schroeven-Hermans (Molenstede – Belgium)
1st and 2nd National Ace bird KBDB middle distance old birds 2021
1st National Champion KBDB middle distance 2021

Weekly trying to compete in the top of the result on middle-distance races, that is the aim of Schroeven – Hermans from Molenstede. For some years they achieved several top results weekly in the small middle-distance races, but the 2021 season was just that little bit more than the other seasons and was crowned with many impressive championship titles. Although we will never know because in 2020 Eddy forgot to send his results for the national KBDB championships, otherwise he would have been guaranteed the owner of a few more KBDB ace birds.

But things are done, and we are now fully enjoying the 2021 season, this was a season to remember literally and figuratively. Just enjoy: 

1st National Ace Middle Distance, old KBDB
1st National Champion middle distance and yearlings KBDB
1st Olympiad pigeon Cat. H Romania 2022 (season 2020-2021)
1st Olympiad bird Cat. H Romania 2022 (season 2019-2020)
2nd National Ace Middle Distance KBDB
3rd Olympiad bird Cat. H Romania 2022 (season 2020-2021)
4th Olympiad bird Cat. B Romania 2022 (season 2019-2020)
4th Olympiad bird Cat. B Romania 2022 (season 2020-2021)
4th National Ace Middle Distance yearlong KBDB
6th Olympiad bird Cat. G Romania 2022 (season 2019-2020)
6th Olympiad bird Cat. G Romania 2022 (season 2020-2021)
7th National Ace Middle Distance yearlong KBDB
9th National Ace Middle Distance KBDB
12th National Ace Middle Distance KBDB

Eddy Schroeven and his wife Marleen Hermans.
Father Leon Schroeven was a pigeon fancier and in the name of Schroeven and Son they raced on speed. They raced so hard that they were no longer welcome in most clubs. They were only allowed to basket in one club, and they became overall champion there for several years. The basis of the colony was formed with pigeons from Maurits Voets, Kessel and Gommaar Verbruggen, Kaggevinne obtained from Sylvain Cels, Molenstede. Sylvain taught Eddy the tricks of the trade and year after year it went better on the speed races. In 1998 Eddy started with pigeons at the present location but in the meantime, he still helped at the loft of his father. Father stopped with pigeons in 2004 but at his place there were still youngsters bred and they came to Eddy. The first successes were also achieved with the pigeons of Sylvain Cels.
In 2007-2008 the switch was made to the small middle distance. From 2008 they also raced with old and yearling hens. That same year the base breeder was bought from Walter Grieten, Tessenderlo and he was named “Zwarte Walter” (see further in the report). Herewith the nice anecdote how “Zwarte Walter” came to Eddy. Everything started with the banging performance of “Miss Orleans”. “Miss Orleans” was a very good pigeon, and she flew three minutes in advance on a very heavy Orleans against 1100 à 1200 pigeons. The next week there was again a very heavy Pithiviers, and Walter Grieten won the first prize with 10 minutes ahead of Eddy. In the evening Eddy phoned Walter Grieten to congratulate him and ordered a couple of eggs from the parents of the winning pigeon. And from one of those eggs the base breeder was born! The offspring of “Zwarte Walter” was crossed with pigeons of our own strain. The combination “Zwarte Walter” x the Orleans line immediately put three toppers on the world with “Grietje”, “De Felle” and “Dubbele Witpen”. These were pigeons that performed fantastic from 100 km till 400 km. This bloodline is still present in 80 percent of all pigeons today.
In 2009 Eddy bought six pigeons from Luc Daans, Begijnendijk with which he had fantastic success. This contribution brought more endurance in the pigeons.
In 2010 some pigeons were bought from Remy Speltdoorn, Winksele, to strengthen the strain and to give it more endurance. In 2010 he bought a pigeon “Den Dirk” 095/10 from Kristiaan Hennes with which he succeeded very well.
In 2012 some pigeons were bought from Roger Engelen, Dessel and that was also a hit. The 2nd National Ace Pigeon Small middle distance is “Alicia”, and she was born from the combination of 50% Roger Engelen x 50% “Zwarte Walter”.
There was an exchange with Lars and Raf Luyckx from Geel. Eddy got a son of “Kleine Lars” from which he bred “Nafi” 780/16 who became 12th Nat. ace pigeon Kleine Hafo.
In 2013 young pigeons were bought from Verreckt-Ariën, Tessenderlo where Eddy weekly went to see the pigeons that came home from the great middle distance. He bought ten pigeons on the condition that Pascal Ariën would select the pigeons himself.
From a son of the “Tarzan” Pascal guaranteed that he would become a super breeder and that happened. Two years later Pascal Ariën won with two pigeons out of “Son Tarzan” the 1st and 2nd national Bourges.
As from 2011 also some youngsters out of “Zwarte Walter” went to Peter Bours with which they succeeded fantastic. Peter won the title of 1st National Champion KBDB in 2021. Every year Eddy and Peter also exchange pigeons or do some breeding together with a number of pigeons with the intention to get better pigeons.
In 2015 a pigeon was bought from Eddy and Nicole Huygens, Booischot. The “Witpen Huygens” already put a super pigeon on the world in 2016 with the “Den 10”. “De 10” is a super flying and breeding pigeon that became the 11th Olympiad pigeon on the small hafo. Out of a brother of “De 10” comes “Leontien” or the 1st National Ace pigeon Small middle distance 2021. Success for the combination “Witpen Huygens” x “Son Tarzan” of Verreckt-Ariën.
Now and then Eddy bought or traded with other fanciers, but he will not give a list because he is afraid to forget somebody.

Top Pigeons season 2021

We limit ourselves to the 3 Olympiad-pigeons, but there are more pigeons that are worth to be mentioned.

BE 19-2095614 “Leontien”
1st National Ace ½ Fond old birds KBDB 2021
3rd Olympiad bird Cat. H Romenia 2022 (racing season 2020-2021)
This top hen won 3 x 1ste – 9 x 1/100

    1      Sermaises                     1,616b
    1      Sermaises                     1,261b 
    3      Melun                            3,818b  
    3      Melun                            3,815b 
    6      Momignies                    2,598b
    9      Nanteuil                        1,931b
  11      Sermaises                     2,133b
  21      Melun                            1,519b
  30      Melun                            1,450b
  33      Melun                            2,769b
  80      Nat Argenton             26,085b
  95      Sermaises                    2,732b
118      Etampes                      3,386b
206      Nat Gueret                12,888b
260      Nat Chateauroux     33,833b

BE 19-2095525 “Alicia”   
1st Olympiad bird Cat. H Romenia 2022 (racing season 2020-2021 )
2e National Ace middle distance old birds KBDB 2021

1          Momignies         901b
4          Sermaises       4,267b
5          Sermaises       4,211b
5          Sermaises       2,133b
6          Melun              1,519b
7          Melun              6,951b
7          Melun              3,815b
13        Sermaises       3,254b
13        Melun              2,769b
13        Sermaises       20,093b
19        Sermaises       1,197b
28        Melun              1,450b
39        Sermaises       3,238db

BE 18-2076078 “Blauw 078”  
1st Olympiad bird Cat. H Romenia 2022 (racing season 2019-2020 )

  3        Sermaises                   4,267b
  3        Sermaises                   2,974b
  3        Momignies                      901b
  5        Soissons                      1,468b
  7        Sermaises                   4,211b
11        Melun                          2,769b
14        Momignies                  2,598b
17        Sermaises                   3,238b
20        Chevrainvilliers          2,551b
20        Toury                           1,008b
23        Soissons                     1,274b
42        Sermaises                  3,254b
43        Sermaises                  2,732b
45        Chevrainvilliers         2,378b
53        Soissons                    2,474b
53        Sermaises                 2,379b
71        Sermaises                 4,147b

Only hens that make the beautiful weather here

With fifty-five hens on widowhood, they race the small middle distance. They don’t race with cocks because Eddy thinks that the hens are better in the middle distance than the cocks and because the caretaking is quite simple.
The hens are paired at the beginning of December, and they raise two youngsters. Then the widowhood and the training start. The training in spring is particularly important with once a day at least 45 minutes of training. Half of the hens are in a loft with an aviary in front and are closed off all day. The other hens are inside on a loft with shelves in front of the closed boxes. There is no difference between the two groups. The training is quite simple. In three stages, they go to 30 km and then with the association to Momignies. At basketing, only the boxes are opened but the hens don’t get to see their cocks. After the arrival of a race, the cocks and hens stay together until noon the next day. The hens that come home from a race shoot like a rocket to their loft. During the week, the training of about 30 minutes starts on Monday and if necessary, it becomes an obligatory training. You will also notice the pigeons that have not fully recovered. From Tuesday to the end of the week, there will be 1 x 45 minutes of training each time and, if necessary, compulsory training as well. The pigeons are not fed in between. There are few problems with the mutual pairing. If there are problems on Monday or Tuesday, one of the hens moves from loft A to loft B. If it happens on Thursday or Friday, there is no switching. Usually, these are the earliest pigeons. There are also few problems with laying eggs, but the pigeons are played every week.


Eddy: “As far as feeding is concerned, I certainly do not provide a heavy schedule. When they come home it is sport with candy and a mixture rich in fat. On Sunday and Monday, it’s depurative, Tuesday super diet and depuratif, Wednesday 50% Super diet and 50% Sport, Thursday 1/3 Super diet and two-thirds Sport and Friday Sport with Top Energy of Beyers together with sneaky mixture and hempseed. When they come home, they get this mixture and then the schedule can start again.
What I do like is that the pigeons are not fed too late on the day of basketing with one night basket, I prefer to basket them with an empty crop.
Furthermore, I use Carbosol and Recovery of Jaap Koehoorn and vitamineral and condition powder of Mariën and then the story ends. Fast recovery, light feeding, and a firm condition are the pillars on which I focus.
Before the racing season starts, the pigeons are checked and if necessary treated. Afterwards, I check them every 4 to 6 weeks without doing any blind treatment.
In autumn, the whole colony is treated for 10 days with Baytril against paratyphoid. Before the treatment starts, a sample of manure from all the lofts will be delivered to the vet Norbert Peeters in As. If the sample is negative, the use of Baytril will be stopped after 10 days. Otherwise, an extra 4 days of treatment is necessary.


120 youngsters are bred from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round and are housed on 3 lofts. The youngsters are darkened from 1 March to half June and after that they get extra light. As long as the hens are raced, they get the most attention. Therefore, at the beginning of the season, there is some delay with the youngsters. When the youngsters have flown ten races, Eddy is quite satisfied. With the youngsters there is a strict selection on health. Youngsters that do not want to train or that run into something are removed.

They are trained in 5 or 6 stages up to 30 km and after that they go to Momignies with the club. We will wait until we can fly in pleasant weather. The sliding door is introduced at the beginning of July when several couples have been formed. When the youngsters are basketed, they get nesting dishes on the loft where they can frolic for 1 hour. But again, the youngsters are not the biggest concern of Eddy.




Can we talk again about base breeder “Zwarte Walter” hebben.

“Zwarte Walter” 2162661/08 is the base breeder and is father and grandfather to:

“Grietje” 2023924/09: 2x Ace bird in combine “Tienverbond Hafo” in 2010 and 2011 4 x 1st prize gainst average five hundred birds

“De Felle” 2128215/10: Ace “Tienverbond Hafo” 2012 with 1/ 375 Pithiviers, 1/ 437 Pithiviers, 1/ 277 Argenton, 7/3823 Argenton Zone C, 13/16325 Argenton Nat.

“Dubbele Witpen” 318/13: 4 x 1st prize Soissons/Nanteuil/Melun/Pithiviers against average 650 birds and 3/4015 Montluçon Zone C 2014.

“Rood Grietje” 2149395/13: 25 prizes 1/10 in 3 years’ time with: 1/380 Melun 5’ in advance ,5/4015 Montluçon Zone C 2014, 74/12516 d Gueret National 2015.

“Den Argenton” 127/14: 21/27267 Argenton National 2014, 91/3207 La Soutteraine Zone 2015.

“Den Tours” 286/14: won as a youngbird six prizes 1/50 with 34/24097 Tours National 9/3455 Tours Zone C. 

“Rosse Inteelt” 932/14: base breeder at Peter Bours. Father/grandfather to several top birds. 

“Nafi” 2110780/15: 12th National Ace ½ Fond 2016 and 2nd Provincial Ace KBDB 2016 with 1/626 Chevrain, 3/1126 Momignies, 7/734 Chevrain, 4/644 Chevrain, 4/593 Chevrain.

“Sascha” 2110756/16: 1st Prov. Ace 2018 and 4th Prov. Ace 2020 with 1/1126 Momignies, 1/1035 Chevrain, 3/2551 Chevrain, 8/4147 Chevrain, 1/448 Melun, 1/372 Chevrain.

“Guéretje” 2095539/19: 6/12888 Gueret National, 5/1904 Momignies, 120/26085 Argenton National. Only raced one racing season

“Alicia” 2095525/19: 2nd National Ace 2021 ½ Fond old birds 4/4267 Sermaises, 7/6951 Melun, 1/901 Momignies, 5/4211 Sermaises, 7/3815 Melun.

“De 555” 2095555/19: 7th National Ace ½ fond 2021 and 5th Prov. ace 2020 with 5/4147 Sermaises, 6/2093 Sermaises, 5/1450 Melun

“Het Witpenneke” 549/19: 2nd Prov Ace 2020 with thirteen prizes 1/100 in 3 years’ time. Won 2/1937 Nanteuil, 4/3386 Etampes, 8/4211 Sermaises

“De 536” 2095536/19: 4th Prov Ace KBDB 2020 with eleven prizes 1/100 in 3 years’ time. Won 4/4211 Sermaises, 2/1878 Soissons, 3/2598 Momignies.

“De 459” 2040459/20: 4th National Ace ½ Fond year birds with 2/3815 Melun, 5/2093 Sermaises.

“De 492” 2040492/20: 12th National Ace KBDB ½ Fond Hafo year birds with 6/2133 Sermaises, 120/28551 Bourges.

Pj” 2094261/19 Raced at Peter Bours with 11/8008 Vierzon, 2/2974 Chateauroux, 24/4164 Bourges. 

Results 2021
Momignies 901 old & year birds : 1,3,4,8,10,11,27,29,57,68,69,71,85,88,… 41/51
Momignies 2,598 old  & year birds : 3,5,6,7,9,14,15,17,22,25,32,35,42,46,47,52,53,54,55,56,57,59,67,96,                     101,122,126,136,178,180,182,189,194,212,246,… 50/59
Melun 6,951 old & year birds : 6,7,9,15,47,48,50,87,89,127,… 34/56
Melun 3,600 year birds : 4,21,57,63,… 
Sermaises 2,364 old & year birds : 10,19,21,24,30,32,45,49,56,60,69,75,93,… 
Sermaises 1,258 year birds: 11,29,32,42,79,97,99,… 
Sermaises 2,093 old & year birds : 3,5,6,13,14,19,24,26,28,31,37,38,39,54,56,57,59,61,70,71,73,75,78,91,92,…. 36/41
Sermaises 1,107 year birds : 3,4,12,13,14,18,26,35,36,39,42,50,66,74,… 
Sermaises 4,211 old & year birds : 3,4,5,5,7,8,12,12,20,23,23,26,30,43,79,98,… 47/51
Sermaises 2,469 year birds: 2,7,10,19,54,70,71,73,95,100,… 
Sermaises 3,238 old & year birds : 6,7,8,11,14,15,17,21,22,24,29,39,76,87,98,… 25/37
Sermaises 1,843 year birds : 6,10,15,19,51,80,… 
Melun 3,815 old & year birds : 2,3,4,5,6,7,12,32,38,39,45,47,56,58,…. 
Melun 2,212 year birds: 1,2,2,4,22,24,25,31, 37, 
Melun 1.450 oude & jaarse : 5,9,12,13,14,18,28,30,34,38,69,75,79,98,… 25/32
Sermaises 3.740 jonge : 1,2,6,8,9,23,45,54,61,68,87,150,198,206,208,210,211,218,263,268,283,289,304,307,… 43/77
Sermaises 2.731 jonge : 35,36,37,43,46,48,52,54,76,80,111,125,126,131,145,146,158,159,169,190,236,243,256,267,… 49/76
Melun 3.478 jonge : 11,78,82,103,106,108,111,137,181,217,237,269,… 39/63
Chateauroux Nat 18.741 jonge : 14,62,152,198,250,322,564,574,674,1188,1285,1562,1661,1743,… 27/48