Van der Auwera Guy wins with “Special Black” 1st National ace KBDB Yearbirds 2019 and also 1st National Bourges against 17,969 yearbirds

For our last report about Belgian national champions of the racing season 2019 we went to visit Guy Van der Auwera. The Belgian pigeon sport knows its categories and each category has its specialists and its emerging talents. If we take a look at the category “great middle-distance/national races”, we can certainly label the name Guy Van der Auwera from Wuustwezel (province Antwerp) as the emerging talent of Belgium.

Take a look at his top results of the last few years… I would say that there is no need for further comment:
1st Nat. ace pigeon KBDB big half-round yearlings (2019)
1st Nat. Bourges 17,969 yearlings (2019)
1st Nat. Zone Bourges 6,524 yearlings (2019)
1st Prov. Bourges 3,124 yearlings (2019)
1st Prov. Chateauroux 2,394 yearlings (2018)
1st Semi-Prov. Ecouen 7,745 old pigeons (2018)
1st and 2nd Interprov. Vierzon 8,177 old pigeons (2017)
1st Prov. Bourges 3,538 yearlings (2017)
1st Prov. Chateauroux 2,549 youngsters (2017)
1st Nat. Zone Chateauroux 3,850 youngsters (2017)

It wasn’t a goal to compete with the best of the best but it turned out to be totally different, when you sell all your old birds (beginning of 2018) it is a search for new racing talent to be able to shine on the races. This is what happened to Guy Van der Auwera . We know him as a passionate pigeon fancier who is extremely motivated, straight forward and always looking for the best of the best. The first races went really smooth and then you start to hope that one or the other top pigeon arises. And this was the case at the end of May when national race “Bourges I” came along, his year bird won the 1st National Bourges against 17,944 year birds. The icing on the cake what Guy was concerned and then on his favourite race! This is always a 1st big test for him. In 2017, 2018 and also in 2019 he won the prize of honour in his club and noted down a nice range. Big class is what we can say about this. 
But it didn’t stop there for him in 2019, a yearling hen became the best National Ace bird Great Middle Distance year birds KBDB 2019. The big ace bird title that is so wanted by all came to Wuustwezel with a hen that didn’t even race Bourges I. Or in other words, racing pigeons when you think they are ready to set big results, which will be pointed out later in this report. 

How is the racing team doing ? 
Since years now I follow the same schedule, the racing team doesn’t come out during Winter time. The racing team exists this year out of 28 widow cocks and 30 hens. The birds of prey are always looking out for a good bite, it used to be sparrow hawks but now it is a peregrine that took out 2 already by now. 
I couple at the beginning of December my best racers to have eggs from them but I don’t let them breed for one day but will be placed amongst the rest of the racing team again at the resting loft immediately. I sometimes couple the best racers against each other or I couple these against a breeding hen that isn’t coupled at that moment. 

Normally I couple the racing team just before the start of the season to let them breed for a few days but this year thanks to the ‘Covid’ story I had to do this differently. I coupled them at the beginning of April and let them overbreed until the time they got of the eggs naturally. This will end around the beginning of May. From then on they will be placed on widowhood and we’ll wait from then until the races will start up. 
A thing I normally never do is darken my old and yearling birds, this year is the first time. You have to keep them a bit quitter and then this is a good solution, I hold on to this until the 10th of May hoping that we can start of soon. 

What with the climate on the lofts ? 
For me this is the beginning of everything, the loft has to be good and it can take a while before you have found the ideal circumstances. The widow cocks and the youngsters sit on bean straw which keeps the dust of the loft. The racing hens don’t have this as it motivates the pairing up amongst each other. I clean the lofts once a day but due to my busy profession I’m looking for a good combination of a dry loft without dust and no draft. 

When do you start off again with their trainings ? 
I let them out for the first time again at the end of February and the best pigeons that already had proven themselves only come out when the others have a good rhythm. I really fear losing a good pigeon due to an attack. 
I let them train once a day, this especially due to lack of time, I rather see them train once really well than have them fly around the loft twice as the youngsters do. They have to have speed, preferably already from Monday on. 
I race my pigeons every week until the national races, than the hens have mostly a short distance race in between and the cocks get a week rest when the race was a hard one. This all depending on the race they did or have to do.. 

You have aviaries in front of the lofts but you hardly use them? 
Yes, indeed, they come hardly one hour in the aviary after their morning training, I like to have pigeons on the loft then in the aviary. I work during the day out of home and when there is hard wind coming up or when it becomes too hot, I can’t interfere. These are all things that count when it concerns condition and health. 

I race everything on classic widowhood, a simple system where the pigeons see each other on the day of basketing for one hour. They get separated and will get a last portion of food (Power Play) and can have a good drink before I put them in the basket. 
At arrival I like to separate them in the evening, this to give them rest during the night. When it was a really tough race and didn’t see each other too much at arrival, it is possible that I put them together again for about one hour on Sunday. 

National Ace bird ‘Special Black’
We already mentioned above that she didn’t go to Bourges at the end of May, her eye wasn’t okay which made she got some rest. This is how she got a slightly different preparation towards her next race which made she started to boom really at the beginning of July and raced 4x top 60 National. Waiting for the right time isn’t the class of the pigeon but the class of the fancier. 

Afterwards the decision was made to keep her on the breeding loft as she already became mother to some promising talents. To say it with Guy’s words :’sometimes you have to think about the future and not the money’ !

BE 18-6039642 “Special Black”
1 Nat Ace bird Greater Middle Distance Year birds KBDB 2019

  3        Nat      Issoudun                   11,480b
26       Nat      Bourges                     10,393b
29       Nat      Montlucon                14,104b
53       Nat      Chateauroux              6,314b

Became already mother to 1 Noyon 372b, 4 Melun 721b, 10 Melun 733b and 11 Melun 1,516b

Father BE 15-6051416 ‘Black Hawk’
Won himself 1 S.Nat Vierzon 8,105b – 24 Nat (z) La Souterraine 2,695b

Gr.F. BE 11-6115169 ‘Black Sugar’
            Won : 56 Nat Argenton 22,384b – 104 Nat Montlucon 22,875b – 23 Nat Montlucon 7,809b – 
            78 Nat Bourges 5,333b
            Son to “BE 10-256” Dominator Jozef Goovaerts x “BE 06-305” Sister ‘Max’ 1 Vierzon 1,647b
            Van Hove Uytterhoeven 
Gr.M. BE 13-6309652” Favourite Luc L-B-J Geerinckx 
            Daughter “BE 09-192” Luc 1 Nat Argenton 12,446b x “BE 10-192” My Favourite 11 Nat Bourges 20,544b 
             – 14 Nat Argenton 19,782b – 20 Nat Argenton 12,390b

Mother BE 13-6220564 ‘B-Special’
Won 1 Nat (z) Montlucon 3,494b – 8 Nat (z) Bourges 4,130b
Already mother to “Grey Tiger” 2 S.Nat Vierzon 8,177b

Gr.F. BE 08-6358008” Macho
            Won 1 Dourdan 398b – 1 Dourdan 219b – 2 Prov Chateauroux 2,611b – 6 Dourdan 1,599b – 
            9 Dourdan 941b 
            Son to “BE 07-358” Massa 4 x 1st x “BE 02-958” Banana Moon 1 Bourges 783b
Gr.M. BE 11-6226434” Glady L-B-J Geerinckx
            ½ sister “Little Star” 1 Nat Ace bird KBDB GMD 2015
            Daughter to “BE 03-062” Gladiator Olympiad bird Middle Distance Porto x “BE 08-143” Iron Lady 
            1 Prov Chateauroux 2,611b – 2 Nat La Souterraine 4,778b – 3 Nat Argenton 5,756b 

BE 18-6039560
( bred by Florea Sorin )

1          Nat      Bourges        17,944b
7                     Melun                 1,792b

Father 2198291/2011 Son Gilbert – Erik Limbourg

Gr.F. 2119284/2009 De Gilbert – Erik Limbourg
             Won 1 I.Nat Bordeaux 6,686b – 7 Nat Limoges 14,199b – 8 S.Nat Libourne 1,815b – 
             16 Nat (z) Limoges 5,984b
             Son to “188/07” Grandson Lucky 85 x “536/08” Limbourg x Marcel Aelbrecht
Gr.M. 2026936/2009 Daughter Lucky 848 – De Rauw – Sablon
             Daughter to “848/00” Lucky 848 Super breeder x “520/99” Nestsister Dromer

Mother 6174289/2014 Daughter Argenton – L-B-J Geerinckx
Top breeder
Mother to 1st Dubasari 8,861b

Gr.F. 6202115/2004 Argenton – L-B-J Geerinckx
             Won 2 Nat Argenton 5,208b – 6 Prov Montlucon 1,408b
            Son to “241/02” Wittekop Sylvester x “637/98” Willyke
Gr.M. 6259140/2008 Black Dream – L-B-J Geerinckx
             Won 1 Vierzon 499b – 45 Nat Chateauroux 17,109b – 83 Nat Bourges 15,508b – 
             208 Nat Argenton 21,092b – 310 Nat Bourges 22,476b
             Daughter to “295/05” Late Witte Willy is a son base breeding couple 
             x “214/05” Daughter Vale 009 Base breeder

How do you take on the youngsters? 

The youngsters are important but I just can’t guide two racing teams 100% at the same time. That’s why they are being set straight only end of June. Due to the attacks of the peregrines the youngsters will stay inside during Spring the first 3 months, they have an aviary that is set on top of another aviary so they get to know the sputnik and the environment. I don’t have any more losses than others so that’s fine. 
They are being trained in June and will race especially short distance races, in July and August they do middle distance races with the goal to race one national race. As they only have to be in form in a later stage I darken them mostly until the beginning of June (which will be longer this year due to the Corona virus) and will stay together until July. From then on I put them on the sliding door system to motivate them. Afterwards I put the young hens together with the old hens to train and to get in real shape. 


As my job is being the Export manager at Vanrobaeys I off course only use these mixtures and products. The widow cocks get at the beginning of the week Premium Power Relax and the hens Lady Mix. When the weather is predicted to be strong above the 500km, I switch even a day earlier onto the Power Dynamik mixtures to give them enough fats. 
I feed the racing pigeons twice a day but especially in the morning they get the most as I like to see them train. 
In a medical way I usually cure pigeons in Autumn against parathapoid and the vaccination will follow in Spring. 
During the season itself I hardly give anything and preferable before the national races. So the first races are very important, when they get home fresh nothing is being done. Until now they didn’t get anything yet. I check them against tricho on a regular base and I use yellow drops over the food at arrival. If there’s one late, then they get a drop in the beak. 

In a matter of extra’s it is especially E-Booster ( end of the week ), Edurance+, Oil + Powder ( beginning of the week ) and Hyp 100 ( day of basketing and arrival) that I use from Vanrobaeys. 

Best results 2019

Melun 1.792b : 1,7,21,24,36,37,41,43,75,95,97,99,108,112,146,148,… 
Melun 842b : 1,4,11,12,21,22,45,47,51,54,70,… 23/39
Toury 911b : 5,7,8,25,27,49,59,61,63,81,84,… 23/34
Toury 1.914b : 9,11,13,37,40,79,97,99,101,126,129,152,159,165,… 28/34
Bourges Prov 1.569b : 4,61,66,141,145,159,… 
Issoudun Prov 1.757b : 3,36,37,55,69,72,… 
Limoges Nat (z) 2.658b : 7,8,10,41,87,112,183,216,263,… 10/14
Noyon 532 y : 1,3,21,22,23,23,27,28,51,52,… 
Noyon 372 y : 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,11,12,13,19,23,30,32,…
Melun 724 y : 1,2,4,10,11,16,16,19,22,24,25,30,31,42,43,50,…
Melun 842 y : 1,4,11,12,21,22,45,47,51,54,70,86,… 
Melun 1.515 y: 5,11,12,17,21,42,52,54,94,114,142,… 31/61
Melun 1.039 y : 5,7,10,11,13,14,17,20,21,22,22,26,38,40,40,42,43,48,53,64,
81,95,105,… 42/56

And also the racing season 2020 was of a high level. See these top results

Results 2020

Old birds
1 Champion yearbirds 2020 great middle distance  “Antwerpen Fond 2001”
1 and 8  Ace bird yearbirds 2020 great middle distance “Antwerpen Fond 2001”
2nd Champion Old birds Fond 2020  “Antwerpen Fond 2001”
Melun 2026 b.
Melun 1108 b.
Sermaise 1788 b.
Sermaise 1062 b.
Bourges (498 km) 8215 b.
Limoges I (690 km) National 15.981 d.
25-27-286-363 (4/5)
Chateauroux (540 km)770 b.
Issoudun (522 km)464 b.
La Soutteraine (610 km) 465 b.

Young birds
1 Champion middle distance youngbirds Halve Fond Grensverbond
1 Ace youngbirds middle distance Grensverbond
Noyon (225 km)340 b.
Noyon 278 b.
1-1-3-6-7-11-12-16-17-18-26-31-32-34-36.. (23/54)
Noyon 275 b.
Sermaise(379 km)613 b.
Fay au Loges (420 km.)449 b.
Oost 269 d.
Noyon (2e ronde) 457 b.
1-4-10-11-14-52-56-58… (21/54)
Sermaise 445 b.
Overkoepeling 1134 b.
Noyon (2e ronde) 653 b.
4-11-12-17-24-35-64-65-66-70-73-85… (23/51)
Melun (329km ) 917 b.
Melun  494 b.