Benzing Live! Smarthub w/continuous clocking


Benzing Live! w/Unlimited Data Usage



Home Evaluation has now been approved by the AU and IF!!!

You will receive unlimited data but will have to purchase activation for AT HOME EVALUATION CARD via the Benzing Store at  You will be able to purchase a gift card from Siegel’s to use on the site. BENZING Live! is now available to purchase and use! All the data of the clocked pigeons transfers immediately to the website or to your smart phone. The results can be accessed immediately from anywhere in the world. Live users can follow the arrival times of their own and other competitors.

How nice would it be for those of you who have to drive almost an hour or more to the club each week to be able to get accurate race results from your home computer or smart phone, without driving to the club at all? That is basically what we are looking at here. Of course, no result can be considered “official” until the secret code numbers in the clock are read and assessed against the secret numbers given, and there will always be a need to print the results from the clock to clear the race, but that “could” be done without forcing the fanciers to drive to the club twice in a weekend.

This unit is only operational with the M3 , M1 system and G2 + system.


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Weight 1.45 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2 in
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