Benzing M1 Station


Benzing M1 Station


The Benzing Station – The ideal complement to the M-1 clock, providing all the security of a second clock. The Station enables a fancier to get the most out of his clocking system and combines the Clubpoint and INN all in just one unit.

– Easy to handle, thanks to plug and play

– Continuous clocking without the Benzing M-1 Clock

– Additional storage and back-up of all race data

– Connection for matrix and laser printers, so that printing can also be done online

– SMS messaging via mobile phones, allowing arrival data to be transferred online and enabling the fancier to be informed of the latest arrival times even while away

– Compatibility with the existing equipment and antennae

– Highly audible sound signals, which can be heard a distance from the loft

– Encrypted data that is safeguarded against unauthorized access

Additional information

Weight 3.13 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 4 in


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