Comed Levicom 1kg


Comed Levicom Enriched Yeast 1kg

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Comed Levicom 1 kg powder.  Enriched brewer’s yeast with seaweed, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide added vitamins A, D3,E,B1,B2,niacinamide, calcium d-pantothenate, vitamin B6, folic acid, B12, biotin, choline choride. This product guarantees a crude protein content of 34%, crude fat of 2.7%, crude fiber of 5.3%, methionine .5%, lysine 2.5%, and sodium of 0.8%.  This product optimizes digestion and provides all necessary nutrients to improve breeding and increase performance. Especially good for breeding pairs raising young and for adding to the feed the day after an exhausting race.

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