KM-PMV (Pigeon Paramyxovirus) Vaccine – 100 dose


KM-PMV (Pigeon Paramyxovirus) Vaccine – 100 dose

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Pigeon Paramyxovirus is endemic in the feral pigeon population, and hence can be dragged in by any flying birds that might mix with ferals (think young bird races). It can also be carried and intermittently shed by apparently healthy adult pigeons, especially in stressful situations such as races, shows, moult…important to protect (vaccinate) your birds against the disease.


Proven effective against Pigeon Paramyxo disease

Gene sequenced to verify identity as PMV

Extensively tested in both Lab and Field for both effectiveness and also for safety

Developed from the actual field virus isolated from a pigeon that was sick and died from PMV disease

Developed by successful pigeon fanciers/veterinarians, Drs. John Kazmierczak and Paul Miller; manufactured by ARKO, a successful, USDA licensed vaccine Lab.

Same smooth, gentle adjuvant as KM-1 vaccine: eliminates: vaccine reaction, down time, losses

USDA licensed: legal to sell, possess, ship and use

For use in all types of pigeons:

Racing, showing, meat, pet flying, research…

Directions: Inject each pigeon with 0.25 ml of vaccine.  Inject pigeons 6 weeks of age or older.  Repeat in 2-3 weeks.


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