Natural Nutri Powder + 500g


Natural Nutri Powder + 500g

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Extra Proteins & Energy & Spirulina

Complete and very easily digestible food supplement that provides an extra boost during the sports season. Thanks to the carefully balanced composition, Natural Nutri Powder + is particularly suitable to get racing pigeons in top condition.

Natural Nutri Powder+ is also very useful during the breeding season for newly-weaned youngsters and pigeons with watery diarrheas’.

Instructions for use

We recommend giving your pigeons less feed one day before you administer Natural Nutri Powder+ for the first time.


Moisten the grains with 5 ml of Natural Oil or yogurt per kilogram of grains. DOSAGE: mix in 25 g Natural Nutri Powder+ and leave to dry for 10 minutes before giving it to the pigeons.


  • During periods of breeding, from the hatching of the squabs until 3 weeks after weaning.
  • Daily during the sports season.
  • Also ideal for a quick recovery after illness or exhaustion (minimum of 8 days)

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