Siegel’s Berimax


Berimax – 80 grams

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Advanced canker treatment for racing and show birds. Laboratory tests in Europe and the U.S. have proven that this unique “all natural” formula provides the most advanced recipe against all 26 strains of canker. Five days of use has proven to eradicate even the most resistant strains of canker, and it is so safe that it can safely be given to four-day-old babies. To completely eradicate very resistant strains of canker can require a full 5 to 7 day treatment and sometimes increasing dosages We have also found it very helpful to use Berimax in conjunction with Ecol Tonic to get rid of resistant candida and canker, as Ecol Tonic seems to increase the strength of Berimax. This product is also showing positive results against malaria, as tested by Dr. Wim Peters in South Arfica. Administer only twice a year–once before breeding, and once before racing. Use one level teaspoon of Berimax per gallon of water. Contents will treat 16 gallons of water.

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