Stamox – 200 grams

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Special extract derived from beets which has proven to provide extremely high capability for the pigeon’s body to transport oxygen throughout the body. Independent tests done in Europe using Stamox versus other beet extracts and pure beet juice proved conclusively that a special extractions in Stamox were 80% more effective than other beet extracts and 100% more effective than plain beet juice at transporting oxygen throughout the blood stream. Tested many times, totally safe and legal. Now approved for use by the Norwegian Olympic Team. Has been used with great success in race horses, racing dogs, racing pigeons and human atheletes. Also given to elderly people to help their circulation. A tremendous product! Some fanciers have reported results “like they were eating gun powder.” Use at one teaspoon per gallon of water for the last two days before shipping. Contents will treat 16 gallons of water.

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