Wooden Tunnel Box


Wooden Tunnel box

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Houses the antenna pad for the Benzing Atis or M1 Lazer Electronic Timers. Comes in single, three, and four-stall sizes and now 4-Field!

Single-stall box is 11”L x 13”W x 9 3/4”H. (Fits Mini-Lazer antenna)
Three-stall box is 20”L x 13”W x 9 3/4”H. (Fits Lazer 3 antenna)
4-Field box is 24”L x 13”W x 9 3/4”H. (Fits 4-Field antenna )
Four-stall box is 31 3/4”L x 13”W x 9 3/4”H. (Fits Lazer 4 antenna)

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Single-Stall, Three-Stall, 4-Field, Four-Stall


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